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The latest homeless figures from the Department of Housing show there was an increase of 103 children living in emergency accommodation during the final week of July, compared to the final week of June.

In the final week of July, there were 10,275 people (6,497 adults and 3,778 children) living in emergency accommodation, compared 10,172 people – 6,497 adults and 3,675 children – in June.

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12 thoughts on “10,275

  1. eoin

    378, the number of kids in emergency accommodation in Dublin for more than two years.(How many for 3+ years, or how many outside Dublin in emergency accommodation for years, who knows)

    And Murphy did in fact have a comment about the July figures. Speaking on RTE News at One, he said “It’s a very disappointing increase that we have seen in July”. Sound familiar? Here’s a sample of what he’s said in previous months since he was given the housing ministry in June 2017.

    June 2019
    Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy said there is still “a lot more work to do”
    March 2019
    “The figures for March show a slight increase on February, with four additional adults and 37 additional dependants in emergency accommodation. We continue to put considerable efforts in to prevent people from entering emergency accommodation, while also exiting as many families and individuals from homelessness as possible each month.”
    “The increase in homelessness in February is hugely disappointing.”
    “It is very disappointing and we remain in a very difficult situation where homelessness is heavily impacting on the lives of families and individuals. “
    “It is very disappointing to see more children in emergency accommodation as we enter into Christmas week.”
    “We are still very much in the midst of a crisis in homelessness in this country”
    “Earlier this year a number of categorisation errors were identified and corrected in the March and April reports.”
    “Any increase in the number of people accessing emergency accommodation is unacceptable”
    “Obviously any increase in people accessing emergency accommodation is unwelcome but it is good to see a decrease in the number of children and we are seeing a continued stabilisation of the numbers of people in emergency accommodation.”
    “Any increase in people in emergency accommodation is very disappointing.”
    “A number of local authorities have erroneously categorised individuals and families living in local authority owned or leased housing stock, including in some instances people renting in the private sector but in receipt of social housing supports, as being in emergency accommodation. “
    “The increase in homelessness in January was anticipated to a degree.”
    Nov 2017
    “Obviously the increase in November is disappointing.”
    Aug 2017
    “While the number of family presentations nationally in August has increased by 13 overall, the figure for Dublin has fallen by 32. “

    1. Rob_G

      It almost seems like it would be a good idea to move some of the homeless people out to some of the other counties where there isn’t such a housing shortage…

  2. Ron

    Pathetic state of affairs. And he continues to get away with it because we have an impotent Irish electorate who would rather stand in glass houses and throw stones at anything and everyone else rather than deal with the absolute faeces show they have created at home.

    Are Irish people genuinely ok with his performance as a Minister? Is this what you all call satisfactory enough to have him continue in his job? When do you all say, you know what, enough is enough. When it reaches 15000 homeless?

    Do the Irish electorate have any red lines at all or are they just happy to continue with the freak show because it doesn’t effect them directly?

    1. Rob_G

      Ron – you seem deeply unhappy with the decisions made by your fellow electors; have you ever considered moving to another country, one where voters elect governments more in line with your way of thinking?

    2. Chris

      Growing homelessness is a global problem- I don’t think that he’s doing particularly badly given that Dublin in particular is going through a boom that relies on new workers coming into the city from abroad and the Irish country side.

      1. Ron

        so do you think our homelessness numbers are a result of that and do you find the performance of the minister acceptable?

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