13 thoughts on “General Electric

  1. Salmon Eile

    Did yer man in picture 3 with all the women not commit to getting married to a bloke a few days later on stage?

  2. Joe

    looks like severe gender balance at the festival or is it just that the photographers just focus on the skimpy clad girls.

  3. shayna

    Good to see Hozier is still around, although his song, “Take Me To Church” got into my head for a couple of weeks, ta BS – now, it’s back.

      1. shayna

        Is Wicklow a forgotten county? I was taught how to swim in Bray by my great aunt, Sister. Elizabeth (Daughters Of The Cross – she spent 20 years in silence – I didn’t pick up her trait) – the beaches are great – or, at least I remember they were?

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