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‘Through Her Eyes’.

A History of Ireland in 21 women.

Author Clodagh Finn writes:

I’ve been time-travelling, looking for forgotten women in Irish history.

Starting in the Stone Age, I found a far more rich and varied history of women than you might ever imagine from reading conventional history.

There were thinkers, toilers, soldiers, sailors – to misquote the old rhyme – and many more besides; powerbrokers, adventurers, artists and magicians.

Some favourites – St Dahalin, an early Irish miracle-worker and saint; Roesia de Verdun, a 12th-century noblewoman and the only woman ever to build a castle in Ireland; Lady Ranelagh, chemist Robert Boyle’s brilliant older sister; Cork-born Clotilde Graves, one of the first female journalists on Fleet Street.

The launch at 6pm in Hodges Figgis, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 on October 16. Everyone welcome. There will be wine

Name those cover girls (top), anyone?

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8 thoughts on “Lifting The Veil

  1. millie st murderlark

    This has just gone onto my wish list. Sounds fantastic. Really looking forward to reading.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I would agree, it sounds fascinating.

      Not doing well on the identification, though. Perhaps Nano Nagle on top right and Countess Markeiviz on bottom left? However, the blurb says forgotten women, so…

      As to the other four, I honestly have no idea. Perhaps that is why this book is important.

  2. Clodagh Finn

    Hello, the women are :
    L to right on the top: Macha, Celtic goddess after whom Armagh is named; Aoife MacMurrough, countess and wife of Strongbow (probably the best known); Roesia Dr Verdun, a 13th century noblewoman and only Medieval woman to build a castle in Ireland.
    Bottom left to right, Lady Sligo, a landlady who helped her tenants during the Famine, opposed slavery when she lived in Jamaica and had 14 children; Clotilde Graves from Cork, one of the first female journalists on Fleet St, London and Rosy Gibb, the first Irish female magician to be admitted to the British Magic Circle… Clodagh Finn.

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