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  1. ReproBertie

    Yesterday’s Torygraph front page was Johnson saying he didn’t want an election. 24hrs is a long time in Sasamach.

    1. eoin

      Chaos (today) = Chaos (yesterday) + 1

      First day back at Westminster yesterday, Boris has just got to his feet with a one MP majority, what’s that, one of his MPs being led in by a Lib Dem where he takes his seat beside the Lib Dem leader, clapped on the back by the Lib Dems and hey presto! Boris has lost his majority.

      Imagine a FGer backbencher like Fergus O’Dowd turning up when our lot get back to work, being led in by Pearse Doherty and taking his seat beside Mary Lou and all the Shinners clapping his back and tussling his hair. It’s fuppin surreal.

  2. some old queen

    The British prime minister demands an election but house of parliament says no- can this get any more weird?

  3. B9 Com From No

    the lads here love to see their british friends in disarray

    take the mote out of our own eyes first

  4. Slightly Bemused

    The Daily Express headline worries me a little (Parliament surrenders to the EU). In fact, Parliament is standing up for the people of the UK against a wannabe dictator to protect them from the disaster he wishes to propose. But those who see Britannia as rising again refuse to believe otherwise.
    I am not a Europhile, but they are making the EU out to be the bogeyman here, when really it is their own lack of understanding direction and cohesion.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Gas though. If it happened, the 50,000 would still be out next election voting for Fine Gouge and Fianna Fraud.

        Actually, as i’d mentioned an election, with an election on the cards now in the UK, have we a list yet of FFGLAB candidates for Northern Ireland?

        1. Cian

          With a United Ireland becoming a real possibility they (FF/FG/Lab/…) should really start planning for 32-county elections.

          1. milk teeth

            Are Lab planning on standing in the north? That will confuse some people or are they doing a joint ticket sort of thing with GB Lab or the SDLP? I’ve never really full understood the relationship between all three.

  5. bisted

    …Britainia waives the rules…again…except this time the mother of all parliaments has betrayed her own…the clear will of her people…democracy died last night…

    1. ReproBertie

      I must have missed the vote to revoke Article 50. What I saw was a lot of talk about leaving the EU but with a deal. No suggestion of not leaving.

      1. bisted

        …a clear majority voted to leave the EU with the expectation that their elected representatives would carry out their mandate…a clear majority have been betrayed…why would any of these people ever bother to vote again…

        1. some old queen

          You have already admitted that you hope Brexit speeds up a united Ireland on here- at least be clear as to your agenda eh?

          1. bisted

            …when the UK voted to leave the EU that was indeed the scenario but it was obvious from long ago that there would not be any form of brexit…

  6. Cú Chulainn

    Now look here Bodger, yes the UK might be in political turmoil. The unfolding events are as predicted by many on this site. Thankfully the war monger Blair stepped in to save the UK and Corbyn. However, life must go on the front page of the Guardian quotes Cara Delevinge ‘I don’t want an easy ride’ led me to suggest that she might therefore want a hard ride. But that was censored. That’s fair comment and very Bo Jo conservative to remove it.

  7. eoin

    From Johnny Green yesterday, on the Pence visit,

    “And on a subject much on our minds and much a subject of discussion today, let me be clear: The United States supports the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union in Brexit, but we also recognize the unique challenges on your northern border. And I can assure you we will continue to encourage the United Kingdom and Ireland to ensure that any Brexit deal respects the Good Friday Agreement.

    But as the deadline for Brexit approaches, we urge Ireland and the European Union, as well, to negotiate in good faith with Prime Minister Johnson and work to reach an agreement that respects the United Kingdom’s sovereignty and minimizes disruption to commerce. And the United States will look to play whatever helpful role we can play among our friends in achieving that objective.”


    when size matters:)

    -U.S. goods and services trade with United Kingdom totaled an estimated $261.9 billion in 2018. Exports were $140.4 billion; imports were $121.5 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade surplus with United Kingdom was $18.9 billion in 2018.-

    -U.S. goods and services trade with the EU totaled nearly $1.3 trillion in 2018. Exports totaled $575 billion; Imports totaled $684 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with the EU was $109 billion in 2018-

    1. baz

      if you failed to notice there has been a trade war between the US and EU for quite a while.
      US took $25B off VW
      EU took $8.8B off Google
      EU seeking $15B from Apple
      EU has taken +$100m from Facebook plus pending GDPR fines in $billions possible

    2. johnny green

      absolutely tweetling brilliant…
      “I carry Ireland with me wherever I go,” said Pence, speaking of an old Ireland, one his ancestors left generations ago.
      Still, his visit was a great example of diversity in action. President Trump, who recently visited, is very hands-on with women and likes to grab them in all sorts of places. And his second in command is the opposite. He won’t stay on his own with a woman who isn’t his wife.
      God bless America.”


      Ps-holiday here Monday piece in today.

    1. Papi

      “match-fixing [throwing a game so as to collect gambling winnings].”

      IS IT?


      adjective: condescending
      having or showing an attitude of patronizing superiority.


      adjective: little; comparative adjective: littler; superlative adjective: littlest
      small in size, amount, or degree (often used to convey an appealing diminutiveness or express an affectionate or condescending attitude).


      make a small hole in (something) with a sharp point; pierce slightly.
      “prick the potatoes all over with a fork”

    2. Cú Chulainn

      All professional football is fixed. All professional sport is either fixed or someone failed at fixing it.

  8. eoin

    It’s not poo on the beach beside Poolbeg. According to Irish Water, it’s rotting seaweed.

    “ectocarpus siliculosis produces an unpleasant odour similar to sewage when it begins to rot from early spring into late autumn.”

    Looks brown like sewage, smells like sewage, noxious like sewage but it’s perfectly normal says Irish Water.

    We really are being gaslit to accept our waterways have been totally lost to poo and that there should be a permanent pong of poo hanging over east Dublin city.

  9. kellyma

    I don’t understand all this hoo ha about legislation blocking a “no deal”. That is UK legislation but a deal is done by two parties (at least). So how can one party unilaterally rule out an option? I am a bit bored of all this brexit schtick but my high level understanding of it thus far is;
    1. the EU has provided an option and a deadline for making a decision. They said they wanted to leave so they need to leave and they can leave the hard way or the less hard way.
    2. The UK (with the looney DUP) are baulking at the backstop bit of that deal.
    3. They keep trying to get the EU to come up with another solution for the complicationed consequences of their historical appetitet for colonisation (rule brittania etc).
    4. The EU have said this is the deal, take it or leave it.
    5. Now they are trying to pass legislation that says the “leave it” option cannot be an option. How does this even work in real life?!?! If there is a deadline and they say they have decided they are not taking no deal but they are also not taking a deal then surely that is all just political posturing becuase a no deal is the default. So what is the actual point of all of this? Or am i missing something?

    1. Cian

      They have 4 options:
      1. accept the deal
      2. revoke Article 50 (and stay in the EU)
      3. reject the deal (hard Brexit on 31/10)
      4. ask the EU for an extension

      #4 is the main option, but the EU said they will only grant an extension if there is a definitive end-goal (e.g. another referendum/being close to a deal)

      1. Cian

        They have 4 options:
        1. accept the deal
        2. revoke Article 50 (and stay in the EU)
        3. reject the deal (hard Brexit on 31/10)
        4. ask the EU for an extension

      2. bisted

        …I’m not sure whose name will be on the letter but revoke Art 50 can be the only outcome of this charade…the brits will not leave their fate in the hands of Johnie Foreigner…

    2. Lilly

      ‘my high level understanding of it’

      This is not a comment on your post as such kellyma, but isn’t it odd the way ‘high level’ has come to be commonly used when ‘low level’ is what’s meant. More American BS business jargon.

        1. Lilly

          Ah now kellyma don’t be like that :) It wasn’t a criticism of you. It’s one of my boss’s tics that gets on my goat.

  10. some old queen

    Rory Cowan joins Fair City- I hope they give him a really butch role as a brickie or a labourer or anything where he has to wear old dirty clothes and not shave etc.- the queen of Kilmainham would not be happy- but the rest of us would find it very amusing.


    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      I find him very hard to watch actually. So maybe it’s a good thing he’s off to Fair City?

      1. some old queen

        Rory played a role in Mrs Brown Millie- he’s not that camp in real life- HE’S WORSE- no seriously he’s not.

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