There’s A Jacks In The Kitchen


Dublin Rental Watch tweetz:

A #TipOff for this ‘WEEKDAY TENANCY ONLY self-contained studio’ at €800pm. 30 Hamilton Street. Planning was granted in 2004 for a ‘storage/utility room’. Photos show a toilet with a kitchen sink and a sitting room with microwave. €800pm!

30 Ham, South Circular Road, Dublin 8, D08 K0Y1 (


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14 thoughts on “There’s A Jacks In The Kitchen

  1. Salmon Eile

    Love the whole Rick Wakeman Keyboard Array styling of the white goods stacked on top of each other. A microwave on top of a freezer? On top of a fridge? (The washing machine fell off).

    This is gouging.

  2. Ron

    That’s their legacy. The entire FF/FG faeces show. Is there not one of them who have moral fibre to stand up and say enough is enough and we are going to force action that will stop it.

    This picture is a representation of their entire legacy and I hope history is as cruel to them in the same manner with which they have dished the most cruelest forms of austerity to the most disadvantaged in our society.

    But it won’t change because the majority of the impotent Irish electorate were out smarted by the most inept of liars that serve in Leinster House. Imagine publicly admitting to voting for Maria Bailey, Regina Doherty etc etc etc.

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