Free All This Week?



Frayed .

A FREE Fringe running until September 12 across Dublin.

Improv maestro Neil Curran (him what was on the telly) writes:

Frayed is a range of free events – including theatre, stand-up, improv comedy, and an art tour with a twist at the National Gallery.

The goal of Frayed is to highlight the quality of, and raise the profile of, performance art in Dublin.

The festival also hopes that by mixing different types of art forms, it will make them more accessible and introduce them to non-traditional audiences.

The festival is fully volunteer-run and all shows are free to attend

In frayness.


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  1. Mr.Fart

    descriptors would be handy. like how am i meant to know what “dear diary” is for example? is it a play? a band?

      1. Mr.Fart

        that doesn’t make sense. just insult me, don’t bother tryna make it work with the comment, you’re not smart enough for that kind of word play.

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