That Seemed To Go Well



Last night..

Toronto, Canada.

John Crowley, Irish director of Brooklyn (2016) getting absolutely slated for new film of Donna Tartt novel.

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12 thoughts on “That Seemed To Go Well

    1. Qwerty123

      He’s also a director of intermission and true detective. Swings and roundabouts. He’s no Terry McMahon though….

  1. kellyma

    That was a great book. I read Brooklyn and didn’t like the book. I don’t like Colm Toibins style of writing. I did like the movie however!

    1. V

      The teenager did both
      Saw the fillum, and then got the book

      She claims Brooklyn is one of her favourite fillums, and says it presents the small mind miserable Ireland far more graphically than Tobin’s words did

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