Would You Like To See The Cheese Board?


The Greenery, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ:

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has said a “grave and immediate danger to food safety” was present at a Donnybrook restaurant where a live mouse was found in a kitchen.

The inspection at The Greenery on 21 August also found a large amount of rodent droppings behind fridges and on shelves storing foodstuffs.

The Greenery was one of six premises that was subject to closure orders [all lifted] in August, including Celtic Pure water [after ‘naturally-occurring’ arsenic was found in its bottled water]….

Inspectors find mouse in kitchen of Dublin restaurant (RTÉ)

Pic: The Greenery

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    1. Batty Brennan

      It’s naturally occurring – in other words it’s already dissolved in the groundwater they are pumping out to fill plastic bottles.

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