Last Of The Fauxhawkians


This evening.

Just pogoed ‘dropped’.

Via MCD:

Today Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer, three of the biggest acts in rock music, announced they will be heading out on the road together for the first time ever on THE HELLA MEGA TOUR presented by Harley-Davidson.

To celebrate the tour reveal, all three bands will perform a historic show tonight at the legendary Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles….

Tickets on sale September 20.

Green Day Announce New Album, Share New Song “Father of All…”: Listen (Pitchfork)

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23 thoughts on “Last Of The Fauxhawkians

    1. Chlorinated RTE Canteen Chicken

      Green Day is not punk. It’s American Noo Wave for white people in the Bay Area (not the Kilbarrack one).

      Punk lives!

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite


        Dookie was an pretty good pop/punk album, but it became a recipe for other acts to follow. Now all you get is shouty tattooed gobpoos playing hard riffs at it is all aimed at high school kids – it is utter crap.

        1. Clampers Outside

          …with pauses for light “aria” like breaks to show they can sing pop too, for some stupid reason

          +1 X millions

          …punk’s far from dead.

          Viagra Boys are bloody deadly… altho they come with the label “post-punk”, whatever that is :0)

  1. Cian

    Did Clampers ever tell you that he bought a Fall Out Boy album once, he thinks he played it as many times, back when he’d buy music before hearing it… remember those days? …good times mostly, this was a bad one.
    Disappointing doesn’t even begin…

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