7 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

  1. martco

    THE BAGUETTE BACKPACK – that’s already a thing..believe it or not many French bakeries sell reusable cloth baguette tube bags in carrier bag format very little difference

    THE PERSONAL SPACINATOR – *must find 3d printer asap & start making & selling these asap maybe with additional spinning blades or taser prods – plenty of gigs I’ve been to in the last 5 years or so are full of knobheads up front who act like they somehow believe they’ve booked a seat at the Abbey should any attempt be made to dance or lepp around & generally interfere in their viewing of said gig thru their iphone screens. would sell loads of these to them.

    THE CURTAIN FOR SECRET EATING – I know one or two who in the workplace would definitely benefit from being forced to wear this item during mealtimes…could do them up with corporate logos to go with the pens, paperweights & calendars

  2. B9Com From No

    I’ve seen a spacinator before and the baguette bag

    No curtain but there is on the net with some guy eating off a fold up table on the subway

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