A Backstop Poll


This morning.

Lord Ashcroft published the results of a poll he carried out on nationalist and unionist voters in Northern Ireland in respect of Brexit.

He explained…

Lord Ashcroft: My Northern Ireland polling. Six out of ten voters there accept the backstop. But only one in five Unionists do so


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10 thoughts on “A Backstop Poll

    1. martco

      actually I don’t think so..
      I would imagine your joe soaps who vote for them have little or no truck with the hardcore presbyterian beliefs & alignments of the zealots of the Ulster Taliban. I think the citizenry up there are probably the same as the citizenry down here largely on day to day issues.

  1. Col

    I actually thought a lot more unionists would be in favour of NI only backstop.
    It would surely be a huge economic benefit?

    1. Qwerty123

      Yes, best of both worlds I would have thought and would make Belfast a desirable place for business to set up. But we are not dealing with rational people here.

      1. kellyma

        This is it…. NI and its politics is still very driven by emotion and craw-thumping ideology (on both sides but the unionists seems to be particularly insane). Why ruin a perfect emotional outburst with something silly like logic…

  2. Joe Small

    The full polling shows a major demographic advantage for those favouring a Unite Ireland – only the category of voters 65 and over showed a solid pro-Union majority. I had no idea we were heading this was so soon.

    1. eoin

      As it “appears likely that a majority of those voting would express a wish that Northern Ireland should cease to be part of the United Kingdom and form part of a united Ireland”, surely the Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Julian Smith to now announce a Border Poll. And if he doesn’t, can someone take him to court to order him to announce a Border Poll?


  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    It is just a matter of time. It is good to see that some unionists can see that they will be part of a country heading in the right direction if the island is reunited, rather than being part of a Tory disaster.

  4. herbert

    You must think like the unionists then try and understand why
    So far the rhetoric is scaring the bejesus out of everyone

    The sad fact and reality is a border exists on the island of Ireland and we must allow them to consider their future

    The disturbing factor is the problem that exists between Sinn feinn and the unionists

    If they cannot sit in stormont now while the most important event is about to happen that could possibly destroy this island then both sets of political parties have no right to represent the people

    Maybe an election. Is needed in northern Ireland urgently as its getting pretty hairy with bombs attacks on police and posters displayed on the border proclaiming a Jehovah witness warning that the end of the world is nigh

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