For Your Consideration


This morning.

The launch of Ireland’s first online chat show ‘solely focused on youth mental health’.

Produced by Three Ireland, in collaboration with Jigsaw (the national centre for youth mental health).

Diarmaid Walsh writes:

The show is titled ‘It’s Good To Talk Show’ and has been informed by the insight that many of the young people who avail of Jigsaw’s services talk about the positive difference that having ‘one good adult’ in their lives can have on their mental health.

Hosted by radio presenter, Stephen Byrne,the debut episode, launched today, focuses on school and features martial arts expert and coach John Kavanagh, illustrator and comedian Aoife Dooley and fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger Louise Cooney. Each of the guests candidly recall stories from their school days and discuss dealing with various challenges at different times in their lives….

Top from left: Stephen Byrne, Aoife Dooley, Louise Cooney and John Kavanagh.


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6 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. eoin

    How much of our money do we give to Patricia O’Hara’s Jigsaw every year?

    (a) €70,000
    (b) €700,000
    (c) €7,770,356

    [it’s always (c) by the way]

    1. Ian-O

      While its ‘good to talk’, its even better to have proper services available, especially to teenagers who might be strongly considering making an attempt on their own lives.

      A look at their website, specifically the urgent help needed section suggests you call emergency services or the Samaritans. As per usual, lots of ‘awareness’ campaigns and fund raisers, but if you are suicidal and require actual help, nada, zip.

      Another waste of everyones time and money.

      Nice website though, I wonder which relative of a Jigsaw employee got the lucrative gig?

    2. Clampers Outside

      Is that for real? May I get a source for that, please.
      That’s lunatic if true… for the reason pointed out by Ian-o

  2. Dhaughton99

    Looks like Aoife Dooley after getting a gig following the moaning last week. I hope Gemma O gets on the next episode.

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