Behold: the Volkswagen ID.3 – the final version of a new series of all-electric vehicles on which the company is now betting its future.

Due for release in 2020 and looking like a smoothed-out Golf, the base model (of three) will have a 330km range, topping out at 550km for the top end model. A 25cm screen and a series of touch sensitive panels control everything except the windows and hazard lights.

Pricing starts at €30,000 (in Germany), after grants.


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12 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. blahblahblah

      Leccy cars are subsidised by the govt to the tune of 5k off their sticker price. The dealer sorts it out.

      1. phil

        So what you are saying is Electric cars are 5k more expensive in Ireland than they are in the rest of the eurozone ? :-)

  1. martco

    just wondering has anyone done their driving test yet in one of these EV yokes & how the examiners perceived it?

    I assume you’d only get a licence to drive an automatic car if you choose to do it that way, yes?

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