Last week, with a PAIR of free tickets to see Stars – one of the best Canadian indie bands of their generation –  perform their stunning 2004 masterpiece Set Yourself On Fire in Dublin’s Workmans Club on Friday September 27 on offer,  I asked YOU to name your favourite piece of music referencing stars.

You answered in your tens.

But there could be only one winner.

Third Place:

The Church – Under The Milky Way

Catherine Vaughan writes:

If you’re gonna reference stars, why not go all out, and reference the whole Milky Way!

Runner up:

Stars Of Heaven – Lights Of Tetouan

Brother Barnabas writes:

Yeah, I know – but no matter: that’s as good as pop gets…


Don McLean – Starry Starry Night.

Bilbo writes:

You people are crazy, it’s Starry Starry Night. Apart from being fantastic lyrically and musically you could very easily draw a line from Don’s singing in this song directly to Torquil (of Stars) singing on Set Yourself on Fire (you’d have to make a brief stop-off at Morrissey considering the blatantly Morrissey-equee track Take Me To The Riots….on 2007’s In Our Bedroom After The War) I refuse to believe this album (Set Yourself On Fire) came out in 2004.

Thanks all.

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