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34 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. some old queen

    So what did Johnson say to the queen? Surely the whole point of suspending Parliament was to remove HP scrutiny? What other reason could he have given?

  2. some old queen

    ‘Sophisticated’ £50,000 cannabis factory found in Orange Order-owned properties in Co Tyrone

    So course those bloody fenians on twitter had to have some fun-

    The hash my father grew?
    The Stash The Order Stored?
    Hash for cash?
    Joint sovereignty?
    The Battle of the Bong?
    Peace Process up in smoke so

  3. eoin

    Yesterday, the newspaper audit people, ABC, published their audits of circulation of British newspapers in Ireland for the month of August 2019. You’ll find a summary here.

    The British papers account for around 40% of the total market and they’re important for setting the agenda and informing our opinions.

    The British newspaper circulation has fallen 11% overall in the past year; within that, the daily (Monday-Saturday) circulation is down 13%, the Sunday market is down 8%.

    Funny how the “paper of record” is no longer even the #2 Irish newspaper, The Sun is now selling 47,989 copies at full price a day compared to 46,892 copies at the Irish Times. In fairness, the soft porn in The Sun is less offensive than the hardcore property porn in the Myhome/Irish Times.

    1. Susan

      “they’re important for setting the agenda and informing our opinions.”
      You’re in a right sorry state if you allow uk papers form your opinions.

      1. Ben Redmond

        Those who get brainwashed are generally complicit because they abandon their critical faculty and allow themselves to be swayed by The Power of the Printed Word. Even some IrishTimes readers do that.

      2. eoin

        Well, you say that Susan, but ask any Broadsheet reader for their opinion on seagulls and what do you think they’ll say
        (a) magnificent creatures and so important to our biodiversity, and here’s list of reasons why they are a protected species
        (b) “psycho airborne scumbags!” [Daily Star]

  4. eoin

    More on the Majella Moynihan compo claim. A reminder of the timeline.

    15 June 2019, Saturday, RTE Radio broadcasts “The case of Majella Moynihan”, young garda in the early 1980s, disciplined for having a relationship with a fellow garda contrary to Garda rules, gets pregnant, gives her baby up for adoption to keep her job, outrage ensues
    17 June 2019, RTE’s Sean O’Rourke (paid €308,964 at loss-making RTE in 2016) interviews Majella and the outrage intensifies. “They thought they’d break me. They didn’t. I’m a very strong woman and I am so grateful for my strength” Sean goes the extra mile to emphasise to us all how badly Majella was treated. What is Majella after at this stage? “An apology”.
    21 June, Majella and her “legal team” meet with Drew Harris and Charlie Flanagan at Phoenix Park where an apology is given
    18 July 2019, in the high court, Majella sues Garda Commissioner, justice minister, Ireland and the Attorney General

    Does anyone seriously think that compo wasn’t the objective all along? Six days after the broadcast by the dimwits at RTE, Rebecca has a “legal team” to attend the meeting with the Garda commissioner and Minister for Justice; less than a month later and presumably after her demands have been made in writing and rejected, she sues them. This was planned well in advance.
    You woz played suckers! An employee of a state agency was badly treated nearly 40 years ago, yes that’s wrong but bad treatment doesn’t equal a claim for compo. She hadn’t a legal leg to stand on, but the outrage following RTE’s programme got her the meeting and the apology, and, apparently, the grounds to sue the State even though the matter is decades old. And now, she’s seeking damages which could well be north of €1 million.

    And it opened the door to others who were badly treated by the Gardai by the standards of 2019, including the gays. Will they now be suing for compo also? Get the €389,988-a-year Joe Duffy on the case, and who knows.

    Fupp off Majella. If the State is required to make compo payments for maltreatment of its citizens, you will be well down the queue. You weren’t assaulted, raped, deprived, killed, buried in a sewage tank; you were given a dressing down for breaking the [what now seem like archaic] rules, and, because you became pregnant outside marriage, and you wanted to keep your job in 1983 Ireland, you gave your baby up for adoption. Your choices in an Ireland that is thankfully, history.

    And thanks again RTE, a sorry excuse for a news organisation but, if you’re ever looking for a bunch of amateur (paid world class salaries, mind) community radio and TV news and current affairs people to promote your grievance, whatever the merits, RTE’s yer man [or woman]!

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Wil there be enough judges, courts etc though? You’re not talking in 100s. Apart from state employees, theres also the likes of the banks etc.
          If it was ‘legal’ at the time to do this, then somehow I doubt any claims could be successful.

  5. eoin

    Brave anonymous FG minister trolls. The one who had a dig at the president on the front page of the Examiner isn’t named. And, in the Independent.

    “One minister said: “The President has his role and we have ours. He should keep to his.”

    Another said they saw the comments “straying outside his remit”, but added: “We won’t get into a barney over something like this.””

    Anonymous trolls.

    The government is giving an extra €10 million to the armed services, an average of around €1,000 for the lowest paid state employees. At the same time, they’re spending an extra €1bn on the National Childrens Hospital and the cost of the National Broadband Plan has gone from €500m this time last year to €5 (five) billion today.

    Mean anonymous trolls.

  6. eoin

    “Only £15 billion”?

    Boris yesterday tried to divert attention with more talk about the bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland

    “”(I was talking yesterday) about building a bridge from Stranraer in Scotland to Larne in Northern Ireland – that would be very good.

    “It would only cost about £15 billion.””

    For £100 million, the UK could become the #4 nation to land a craft on the moon.

  7. eoin

    DUP MP Christopher Salford flatly contradicts the London Times story on BBC The View late last night. “I don’t recognise that at all as being the DUP position” He says he was at an event yesterday evening when three DUP MPs were speaking “and that is not the position at all”

    The London Times doing the Tories dirty business again?

  8. Batty Brennan

    Duncan, the gentleman who was reported AWOL from a shopping centre in Mijas Costa yesterday, was found safe and well in Malaga last night.

  9. eoin


    The cartel of billionaire Irish beef processors are diverting Irish cattle to their UK plants for processing. Aldi are buying their beef from these UK branches of the Irish cartel. Scabs.

    1. Rob_G

      I’m not sure you understand what the term ‘scabs’ refers to; how could management possibly be cast as ‘scabs’…

          1. martco

            Personally when it comes to seared (as opposed to stewing where chuck is chuck across the board) I find some of the cuts of meat sold in Aldi to be a grade below relatively, beef in particular. Lidl is hit n miss.
            Musgrave/supervalu usually better. Butcher best by a mile.
            But if my fave cuts did come from Aldi (or you couldn’t get anywhere else) I wouldn’t buy a stick there given the circumstances.

  10. GiggidyGoo

    Coveney, yet again, gets the use of the usual ‘Go Ahead’ for the Cork Events Centre in the run up to a General Election. The sod was turned in the lead up to the 2016 Election. The announcement that keeps on giving.
    Coveney had said previously he didn’t want it used as a political football.
    Another cost overrun with (NCH) BAM at the forefront.

    1. eoin

      Ahem, *Royal* BAM Group, or “Koninklijke BAM Groep” to give it its proper Dutch name.

      Seems like the visit in June did the required “smoothing over” with Leo after Leo’s comments in the Dail that “there are one or two contractors who, quite frankly, I would not like to see get a public contract again in this State”.”

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