10 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    When I scoop the EuroMillions tonight on Friday 13th I expect all ‘Hot Wheels’ and ‘Hot Keels’ on Broadsheet to be appropriately tagged as such.

  2. martco

    very pretty car, I like that.
    the right colour as well.
    I also like it’s V12.
    you can find a little applet on that linked ferrari page called “What is the sound of freedom?” whereby you can listen to it. check it out. you wont be needing a radio in that car. oh and that’s what the soul of an actual car sounds like – note how there isn’t any DeWalt battery drill style whirring noises because the only electric motors are the ones operating the wipers & wing mirrors.

    win euromillions. buy a gaff in Grenoble & a gaff on Lake Garda. spend lots of time commuting between both in that yoke with the roof down. hell yeah.

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