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  1. eoin

    What does it say “finances stabilised”

    Ah yes, after the property and banking and economic crash in 2008-2010, RTE finally stabilised its finances in 2012 and 2013, when it made surpluses of €700,000 and €300,000 respectively.

    Dee Forbes took over in 2016, and it has made the following losses 2016 (€19m), 2017 (€6m) and 2018 (€13m) with insiders saying it will make a seven figure loss in 2019.

    Last night RTE claimed its revenues had declined, blaming Brexit and the internet giants for stealing its ad revenue. Let’s look at RTE’s revenue, shall we
    2012 – €337m
    2013 – €328m
    2014 – €328m (again)
    2015 – €334m
    2016 – €337m
    2017 -€338m
    2018 – €339m

    RTE’s revenue has been stable since 2012, slightly increasing. Now this isn’t just RTE omitting or bending the facts, this is RTE downright lying through their teeth.

    Take a look at RTE’s annual reports here

    Loss-making RTE, ladies and gentlemen, home of the €495,000 Ryan Tubridy.

    1. scottser

      you’re reading it wrong eoin:
      fianances stabilised
      fianna nances stabilised
      fianna fail finances stabilised
      vote fianna fail to stabilise finances

    2. Chlorinated RTE Canteen Chicken


      Of course D4bs and the PR machine will hide behind the fiscal fig leaf – “but they are not RTE employees, but contractors”. Yawn. What time is Graham Norton on?

      1. Hector Ramirez

        If I remember correctly wasn’t Joe Duffy a runner for Gay Byrne? I’d bet he wasn’t a contractor then, so who allowed him go from employee to contractor earning 300k a year…. doubt if there was this contractor thing in 70’s when Pat Kenny started also

    3. Truth in the News

      They never mentioned what they paid certain presenters and indeed what some
      so called “Lifestyle” productions cost, last nights program was biased and one
      has to ask what other current affairs and news transmissions are skewed with
      same editorial mind set

  2. Truth in the News

    Where is all the money going in RTE, this outfit has a sense of entitlement
    and are under an opinion that they can get a national tax to prop them up
    in future, it was not on with water tax, even the Fat Rabbite has conceded
    it got “derailed with the water protests”…..RTE think they can manipulate public
    opinion, they are in for a shock, it might have worked in the past, but it wont
    work in the future….their approach to their current financial position is akin to
    that of royalty….raise taxes:


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