Christy’s Risen


Christy Dignam: My Crazy World by Christy Dignam (with Damian Corless)

This morning/afternoon.

The sales are in.

Via Aslan:

Well we couldn’t be more proud of you Christy!!

Christy Dignam” My Crazy World is……NUMBER 1 this week on the HB non fiction best-sellers!!

Thank you everyone who has purchased Christy’s book to date.

The book launch event in Eason [O’Connell Street, Dublin 1] tomorrow evening is Sold Out!

Christy Dignam: My Crazy World

Aslan (Facebook)

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11 thoughts on “Christy’s Risen

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Generally I am not interested in autobiographies, but this is one that I definitely want to read.

    The man played at my 40th birthday party, after all. I feel I owe him…

  2. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    Got a signed copy last week, shame they never made it outside of Ireland, they were a brilliant live band in the late 80’s.

    On a side note, Joe Jewell lives up near me –
    saw him in a garage a few weeks ago in a fleece, tracksuit bottoms and crocs.

    Rock and roll or wha’!

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        Don’t disagree with you but when they were young and raw around the time of the first album they had an amazing energy, I think the setbacks and playing a relatively limited circuit knocked that out of them.

  3. Mr. P

    Sorry to say, but I saw them live at Groove a few years ago, Christy could not hold a note or a rhythm, the band were constantly changing beat to try to stay with him… I really felt they should have given up the circut before then.

  4. Gokkers

    I never liked Aslan, always thought they were a second rate pop rock band. Christy as someone who came back from addiction and serious health problems has always kept the interest alive in this band. It’s just my opinion but I found they’re music boring compared with other bands. I understand that were a small country and ‘Irish’ music is elevated to support and encourage it…I always found this patronising.

  5. Charlie

    As if we didn’t know everything about Christy already. Sick hearing his relentless references to his drug addiction. The band play every pub in the country 364 days of the year and have about 3 decent songs. The man gets more time on the Late Late than Ryan Tubridy. Enough already! There, I said it.

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