Kevin Lunney, Chief Operating Officer of Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH)

The PNSI said a 50-year-old businessman was abducted from his home in Derrylin at around 6.40pm yesterday.

He was seriously assaulted before being left on the side of the road at Drumcoughill, Cornafean in Co Cavan.

The man was found by local residents just before 9pm and brought to Cavan General Hospital with serious injuries to his face and leg….

Quinn Industrial boss Kevin Lunney abducted from home and dumped after horrific attack (Belfast telegraph)

The abduction of Mr Lunney is the latest in a spate of attacks on homes and businesses linked to the former Quinn Group manufacturing company which was broken up after Sean Quinn fell into bankruptcy after investing in the collapsed Anglo Irish Bank.

Abducted businessman beaten and dumped on Cavan road (RTÉ)

Pic: Fermanagh Herald

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8 thoughts on “In Cavan

    1. italia'90

      Would it be worth taking into consideration that Sean Quinn has some very dodgy and questionable relationships with leaders of a paramilitary organisation?
      One such leader didn’t need proof of someones guilt before being executed.
      There’s a famous quote from a Russian colonel, the jist of which is,
      be very careful standing behind the firing squad, in case you end up in front of it yourself.

      Just to be clear, I condemn all violence, with the exception that you are permitted to defend yourself from the aggressor using reasonable and justified force.

        1. italia'90

          I’m not aware of anyone else giving “are Gerry” lifts on their helicopter form Casement Park in Andytown. Except GCHQ of course*

          *Gives a rye cheeky grin

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