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  1. V

    No previous experience of being an Non-Executive Director or of a Governance level function
    Nor the Ability to interpret Financial Reports
    Or some experience of Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Implementation
    Change Management?
    Public Sector VFM Reporting and PAC/CAG Accountability maybe?
    Public Interest Policy and Regulatory oversight?

    Not least some demonstrable Independence and being Free from Conflict (in this case : influence) for the appointment

    And current and future Cannabis legislation is in their remit
    And thanks to Johnny Green, we ready know Private Equity has a seat on the HPRA
    And Big Pharma are signed up to distribute Medical Cannabis into Ireland
    As well as probably 90% or more of the other drugs approved by the HPRA
    And local start ups aren’t the ones manufacturing and distributing medical devices either

    Nothing to see here
    While they seek operational experienced nominees from the sector they are regulating
    Well pretending to be anyway
    That’s how the RTÉ BoD is stocked btw
    But there’s an election on the horizon
    So it will be Harris getting his promises sorted
    So we’re all just talking tripe – just like the select criteria

    Check the credentials of the Vet who gets the call up
    Same for the Engineer ( the in-vitro bit especially)


  2. Ron

    What exactly is the OP outraged about? Is it the fact that they are looking for someone who has experience and could add value as opposed to the usual nod and a wink appointment system where we end up with the usual daw jawed political hacks and other incompetents that have been placed on most other state boards.

    OP hasn’t a clue what the HPRA does but is still arrogant enough to complain publicly about it. God help us all, it’s daw jaws like this that ensure the continuation of this freashow banana republic

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