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Via Irish News:

A County Down trader who breached Northern Ireland crisps giant Tayto’s trademark by selling the same name brand from the Republic, may be liable for damages.

Ballynahinch man Mark Ferris accepted the infringement at the High Court in Belfast.

The sole trader claims he only made around £500 profit from the sale of Tayto crisps manufactured in the Republic to shops and pubs north of the border, a judge was told.

His lawyer argued that the Northern Ireland company was “using a very large sledgehammer to crack a very small nut” in seeking a further hearing to examine any potential financial compensation.

But counsel for the firm based in Tandragree, Co Armagh insisted it was about protecting its trademark.

Trader in court for selling ‘southern Tayto’ to shops and pubs in Northern Ireland (Irish News)

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Thanks Ryan McAleer

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4 thoughts on “Snackstop

  1. eoin

    So, a man sets himself up to sell snacks to shops and businesses. He legally buys Tayto in the South and sells in the North? On what basis is he infringing a trademark? Is it on the back of the Tayto crisp packet in the South that you can’t resell in the North? It’s crisps for fupps sake, not the latest Tarantino opus.

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