Padre Pio, relics of whom, including his mitten, will go on display in Limerick this evening

Speaking to the Leader, organiser Fergal Golden said that there are number of relics touched, worn, and blessed by Padre Pio on display.

According to Mr Golden, there are three distinctions of relics. First-class relics are parts of the Saint’s body, so a mitten that was worn on his left hand, and a heart bandage when he bled from a side wound are on display.

Second-class relics are items worn by a Saint, such as a Habit, and third-class relics are items touched by a Saint.

Padre Pio relics to be displayed in Limerick hotel (Limerick Leader)

Pic: Padre Pio Devotions

20 thoughts on “The Stig

  1. Paulus

    Based on these definitions,I’m not sure that the Holy Stone of Clonrichert should ever have been elevated to a Class 2 relic?

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Mittens and bandages? The gas thing is, anyone educated by the Irish clergy were taught to revere this dude without questioning any of it.

  3. Rob_G

    Catholicism is really fascinating – really so much more animistic than most of the other branches of Christianity.

  4. Hank

    Not that different from the little scandinavian girl with the doomsday prophesy and cultish following so.
    All religion is bad folks, even pseudo scientific ones.
    Beware the false prophet.

    1. Cathal

      Was thinking the exact same, climate is the new religion and anyone who questions it is a heretic. Spanish Inquisition mk2 for anyone who questions the pigtailed messiah

      1. bisted

        …climatology is not a religion it is a science based on centuries of observed evidence…there is evidence that the revered PadrePio faked his stigmata but none that he or his relics are responsible for ‘miracles’…

        1. Gokkers

          I think he was talking about whether or not it was the ‘man made’ aspect of climate change that cannot be questioned, some would say you cannot question it these days.

  5. eoin

    Fourth class relics are items seen by a saint
    Fifth class relics are items imagined by a saint
    Sixth class relics are items described to a saint by a third party
    Seventh class relics are items purchased by the organiser of saints’ relic conventions from the proceeds of said convention

  6. scundered

    Humans never fail to surprise us with their sometimes totally illogical behaviour and insane beliefs in the face of zero evidence.

    1. newsjustin

      There’s loads of evidence about Padre Pio, to be fair.

      But lots of it is a questionable robustness, and is disputed.

      I’m fine with that. May St. Pius bless everyone here at Broadsheet.

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