Nuala Carey tweetz:

I’m still spreading the word & will be there on Friday. No pressure but any & all RTs or mentions would be greatly appreciated.

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10 thoughts on “For Joseph

  1. hank

    Joe probably would have appreciated the company when he was alive. Shame Nuala didn’t make the effort a bit sooner

    1. SoupyNorman

      Sick comment. Was it for a reaction like this from me that you wrote the vile comment, or is it because you are really sick? I can’t comprehend why you took time out of your day to write a comment like that

  2. Bebe

    Joseph Tuohy’s story was told so poignantly by Brian Boylan who assisted him in London since the 1970’s.

    Brendan explained that Joseph was remarkably happy for the first five years of his life while he was with his mother. His mother was an unmarried mother. And mother and child were separated and placed in Institutions.

    It is terribly terribly sad.


    1. Lilly

      He cried for two days when he was taken from his mother. How tragic for them both. Losing a leg was of little consequence after that original loss.

  3. hank

    I’m not sure if Nuala knew the deceased?? but perhaps if she had taken the time to get to know him he would not have died alone.
    I think that’s fairly straightforward premise of fact don’t you?

    1. Well horse?

      Maybe she didn’t know he was alone in Islington until news of his death came to light. Or maybe she did and has visited him. The possibilities are many and varied.

    2. millie vanilly strikes again

      No I think that’s you projecting what you’ve decided happened onto a short announcement in a paper, which was brought to your attention here on

      You don’t know the circumstances of either the dead man or of Nuala, so how are you to judge?

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