Why, That’s Delightful


According to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, the RTÉ 1 Prime Time discussion on trans issues featuring Graham Linehan “was treated fairly”

The first complaint, which was made by Irish Times columnist Roe McDermott, stated that the Prime Time episode was “not objective, based on the mix of contributors and how the discussion was framed”….

The second complaint argued that the programme had portrayed a clear link between transgender people and people on the autism spectrum, and was therefore unfair and offensive. …

The Compliance Committee also rejected the third complaint, in which the complainant argued that the inclusion of UK anti-transgender activists had been against the appropriate standard of due care by the broadcaster.

Complaints on RTÉ’s Prime Time transgender episode featuring Graham Linehan rejected (GCN)

Pic: RTÉ

108 thoughts on “Why, That’s Delightful

  1. eoin

    BAI, the state-funded organisation which has been led by Michael O’Keeffe for 30 years which found Denis O’Brien didn’t control INM, and has sat on its hands while TV3/Virgin’s news and current affairs became dominated by Denis O’Brien employees, Kenny, Cooper, Yates and Communicorp presenters. And the BAI tells us the sky is falling in and RTE needs an IMMEDIATE annual bailout of €30 million. The BAI isn’t fit for purpose, what is O’Keeffe still doing there.

    1. Jonjo

      He seems to take particular issue with men self declaring as women and having access to women’s spaces. I agree with him on that.

      1. Steve White

        He should get back to writing sitcoms and when RTÉ prime time has a programme on sitcoms he can be invited on

    2. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

      Not everything is binary. It is not that simple. Not long ago, it was acceptable to lock up gay people. It seems ridiculous now.

    3. shayna

      “All women become like their mothers, that is their tragedy, no man does, that is his” – Oscar Wilde.

      1. some old queen

        “gays are left to look after the mammy because they have nothing better to doing”- some old queen.

        *flashes veneered teeth*

  2. Bort

    Spare us Roe McDermott. The only problem with Glinner is no one lets him finish, he’s shouted down as soon as he opens his mouth, he has quite a fair, informed and non prejudice opinion, but at that it’s just his opinion.

    1. Termagant

      Nah there’s other problems too
      Such as:
      he’s an bumhole
      And this is completely aside from whatever his views might be on any given thing, if you look at the man, his demeanour, the way he goes about things, classic bumhole.

  3. BS

    Human beings can not change sex. That is fact. Plain and simple. Gender and sex are different things. Also fact. Segregation of sexes exists in certain circumstances for safety and fairness, such as in toilets, changing rooms, or homeless/crisis centres and in sports. Anywhere there is currently sex based segregation should remain, and be protected.

  4. Jonjo

    It seems to be a small minority shouting the loudest that you can self-declare as anything you want and, some, Governments seem to be tripping over themselves to comply.

    1. BS

      The main problem is the changing of sex based rights, to gender based rights. Women (female) have the rights based on their sex to legal protections against a number of things and have the legal right to safe segregated places, usually places where they are more vulnerable such as toilets, changing rooms hostels etc.
      What the trans rights movement shout very loudly for is that is a man, and it’s nearly always men, decides he’s feels like a woman, he should be allowed access to those sex segregated places based on his gender, not his sex.

      There is also a much more sinister side of this movement which appears to be rooted in men who are identifying as women in order to have access to women and children in vulnerable situations for sexual reasons

      1. some old queen

        There is also a much more sinister side of this movement which appears to be rooted in men who are identifying as women in order to have access to women and children in vulnerable situations for sexual reasons

        Link please?

        1. postmanpat

          no link necessary when your making things up to scare “deeply concerned” (ignorant rightwing) parents of little Jonnie, whos teacher say he’s on the spectrum, and therefore prime recruitment from insidious trans peer pressure groups, just because he isn’t that into football.

        2. BS

          Jonathan yaniv for one. Have a look on Twitter or google trans sex offender or some such similar wording and you’ll find plenty to read.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            If you’re nominating Jessica Yaniv to represent transgender women, then I nominate Graham Dwyer to represent straight, Irish men.

          1. BS

            Well firstly,cis is a meaningless word so I’m not sure what you mean by cis men.

            What the problem is that gender self Id and the erasing of sex based protections in favour of gender based protections gives predatory people (who are mainly men) the ability to access women where they are normally not. Women don’t want this. Women have fought long and hard for their sex based rights. Lesbians fought long and hard and still are to be able to be openly gay, yet now they are expected, and demanded of that they have sexual relationships with men.

          2. Nigel

            No it still sounds like you are postulating that cis men will engage in opportunistic predatory behaviour and blaming people who are completely innocent. It’s definitely the cis men who are the problem, in this scenario.

          3. BS

            The problem is actually the woke blokes and organisations who are enabling these predatory men to engage in these fantasies and are making it legally and morally ok for them to access women’s sex protected places.

          4. Nigel

            Again, the problems is cis men, any solution to this that further marginalises or stigmatises trans people is unjust.

          5. BS

            Well the problem is predatory men who have been enabled by organisations to believe that are entitled to access women’s protected places and that anyone who denies them the right to do what ever they want is “transphobic”

            Transwomen are male so you are correct in saying that they are the problem.

          6. BS

            There’s no such thing as transsexuals. No one can change their sex.

            And it’s about men trying to get the same rights as women to the detriment of women’s safety.

          7. Clampers Outside

            Wtf? …you’ve been advocate for self ID. But now you are saying that the self ID persons who commit offences are cis men…

            Nigel, you’re a parading example of the circular nonsense of the idea of self ID.

            Thank you for doing that, and showing it to be such.

          8. Nigel

            There isn’t much point characterising my comments if you’re not going to take into account what I was responding to.
            BS was saying that men were pretending to be trans in order to get access to women and children. By that logic, they’re only pretending to be trans, they’re cis. He is now saying that anyone claiming to be a trans woman is pretending (or going to extraordinary lengths) to be trans (since according to him transexuals don’t exist) in order to gain access to women and children. Again,ff they’re not trans, and according to him they can’t be, there’s no such thing, they’re cis. Now I think this is hateful and transphobic, but BS is very much the one painting cis men as predators, since according to him, there is no such thing as a transexual.

            Congratulations, Clampers, you and your friend here are helping make life even more difficult and dangerous for trans people!

          9. Clampers Outside

            Point by point… If I may.

            1. “There isn’t much point characterising my comments if you’re not going to take into account what I was responding to.” – I did take that into account, and more.

            2. “BS was saying that men were pretending to be trans in order to get access to women and children. By that logic, they’re only pretending to be trans, they’re cis.” – (Before I begin, a clarification, “cis” is an ideological phrase, the words are ‘man’ or ‘woman’, ‘trans-man’ or ‘trans-woman’ that I will use here to respond). – He does say that there are predatory men who take advantage of Self ID to gain access. So, I dunno what u have issue with there. You and BS have common ground on this point.

            3. “He is now saying that anyone claiming to be a trans woman is pretending (or going to extraordinary lengths) to be trans”. – He didn’t say “anyone” in the context you have used here to mean “all” persons who are trans. Given your prior approach to discussion I believe you have made this interpretation intentionally to suit your argument, and thereby you are being disingenuous. BS is making the point that some men do this, he does not make the point as you have that “anyone” or all who are trans have these motivations. You did that.

            4. ” (since according to him transexuals don’t exist) ” – technically speaking, and more importantly medically speaking, he is correct. One cannot change ones sex. I believe this is his point when using the phrase “transexual”. Albeit, the phrase really shouldn’t be taken so literally. ( It should also be noted that the term transexual does not mean transgender. ) 

            5. ” Again,ff they’re not trans, and according to him they can’t be, there’s no such thing, they’re cis. ” – Covered in earlier comments above.

            ” I think this is hateful and transphobic, but BS is very much the one painting cis men as predators, since according to him, there is no such thing as a transexual.” – He did do that, and again, you are in agreement that it is men who try for access. You two have common ground here again, although it is a repetition of the common ground earlier.

            The point you are missing Nigel is this. 

            You, in your advocating support for Self ID results in the fact that, regardless of intention, you’re supporting the means of access these men get, that BS refers to. BS argues that these men should not get this access. You do not argue against this access via Self ID.

            These Self ID’ing men are in women’s places because of support for Self ID. 

            Again, it is BS who argues the men should not be there and it is YOU in support of Self ID who is unintentionally arguing the position that gives them access in the first place. 

            This has always been a problem raised with regard to Self ID. 

            So Nigel, will you continue to support Self ID or will you stop, and prevent these men, or ‘cis’ as you call them, from having access?

            “Congratulations, Clampers, you and your friend here are helping make life even more difficult and dangerous for trans people!” – Incorrect, as per all I mentioned above and previous comments in this discussion here and in other posts, thanks.

          10. Nigel

            The fact that you claim to think I was agreeing with him about anything undermines everything else you say, though since everything else you say is an incredible porridge, it’s undermining porridge. The upshot is, if men are pretending to be trans to get access to women and children, then problem is with non-trans, ie cis, men, not trans women. I realise now I should not have left the ‘assuming such people exist at all’ unspoken, always overestimating your reading ability.

            Denying trans women access to toilet facilities is a nasty, ugly, cruel little endeavour, cynically misogynist (no-one ever complains about trans men using male facilities) opportunistically transphobic (hey, if a trans woman is in danger of a beating because she’s forced to use male toilets well that’s awful but if they will insist on being trans!!) and a wedge for homophobia (get the ‘t’ knocked of lgbt, what’s next?)

          11. Clampers Outside

            Em, you OK there Nigel, you appear to have gone off on one… that’s not a very coherent post that, in fairness.

          12. Nigel

            OK. Maybe next time try to keep this marked limitation on your intellectual capabilities in mind when confidently expounding on your understanding of complex issues.

      2. Tea And Brexits

        Sex-based rights? WTF are you smoking?

        Did you even read the complaints made about the programme? Where does the word “sex” appear to you?

  5. Jonboy

    “Governments seem to be tripping over themselves to comply”

    We’ve had self identification for 4 years here and it hasn’t started raining cats and dogs here yet.

    1. BS

      But we have seen a man demand to be housed in a women’s prison. Gender and sex are different things, changing your gender on your birth cert does not make you a different sex. Saying you are a woman does not change your sex.

  6. Cormac Kinsella

    And A lesbian refusing to suck a trans woman’s handbrake does not make her transphobic or me a terf for agreeing with her.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Women can refuse to have sex with whoever we want it doesn’t make us anything but in charge of what we do with our own bodies. It’s only terfs that claim lesbians are being forced to have sex with trans women or risk being called transphobic. Forcing anyone to have sex against their will is rape and has nothing to do with gender identity.

      1. BS

        Yet another woman throwing women under the bus and using misogynistic terms like terf. You probably think you’re a feminist as well by accepting men to be women. It’s very sad to see but it’s becoming more apparent every day that the trans rights movement is in fact a men’s rights movement where men want to assert control over women further by taking their rights away.

  7. Clampers Outside

    I see the founders of LGB group (later to become LGBT+) Stonewall UK are now looking to set up a new group which returns to the original intention of the lobby. Reasons being given that the trans activists in all intents and purposes have largely taken over Stonewall which has become mysoginist in its treatment of Lesbians…. so say the founders.

    Fair dues to the original founders, and good luck to them.

      1. postmanpat

        Ohhhhhh naughty naughty Clampers. Good save old queen! Its like a thing I heard about “rapid onset gender dysphoria” in teens by some yoke on JRE podcast and when I looked into it turns out it was total lies and scaremongering. Sorry lady . Kids aren’t peer pressured into changing genders.

          1. some old queen

            See below too Clamps- you remind me of those clowns on the RTÉ program while Panti was making her Abbey speech- it is getting boring now- go focus on something which is of relevance to your own life.

            Leave a small group who are struggling to find employment, housing and healthcare alone.

          2. Clampers Outside

            We’ve had this discussion before, and I’m all for them having the same access to those issues you mention as anyone else has.

            I see too, with your comment, you’ve side stepped responding to that which you requested a link on so that you can make some statements on issues as if I were against the things you mention.

            If you don’t want to engage in the topic, fine.

            But please step back from insinuating that which is not true and clarified as such before, thank you.

      2. BS

        It always surprises me when a member of the lgb community turns their back on lesbians in favour of men who are heterosexual, but who want to force lesbians to have sex with them.

        1. Nigel

          Anyone who forces anyone to have sex with them is committing rape, which is a crime. Anyone who helps another person force another person to have sex with them is also committing a crime. I presume you are referring to the idea that a trans woman that has a relationship with another woman is a lesbian, to which I say… whatever. But isn’t it weird that you made the point in such a way as to equate a trans woman calling herself a lesbian with rape, and anyone who supports her as supporting rape? ‘Trans women who like to think of themselves as lesbians’ obviously not monstrous enough for you. Not to mention the ridicuous idea that this means that all non-trans lesbians now suddenly no longer exist.

          1. BS

            That was a lot of word salad there.

            Men who wear dresses and believe they are women in order to pressure real women into sleeping with them are still heterosexual males. They are not lesbians. To be a lesbian you need to be woman. An woman is an adult human female. Transwomen are adult human males who have chosen to be a different gender.

            If you believe that Transwomen are not pressuring lesbians into relationships then I suggest you do more research on the subject.

          2. Nigel

            You said ‘forcing’ now it’s ‘pressuring’ if we go on much longer it’ll be ‘flirting’ and ‘swiping right on Tinder.’

        1. Clampers Outside

          You can follow Simon on Twitter here – @SimonFanshawe

          Also, if u look at his thread you will see that he supports the trans persons whose Twitter accounts I shared with you some time ago.

          @Nigel – Good for him in seeing the truth of the abusiveness of TRAs. He also doesn’t like people using slurs like terf.

          He’s well worth a follow for rational discussion, not the ideological claptrap you throw about, in fairness.

          ( ‘women have a penis’… always cracks me up Nigel, always! )

          1. Clampers Outside

            In fairness, as many have reported, even those who were there don’t agree on who started it.

            So, let’s not get into it.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            “Let’s not get into it” Clamps because it doesn’t suit your anti trans narrative. Marsha P Johnson is widely acknowledged as one of the prominent figures in the Stonewall riots.

          3. Clampers Outside

            You’ve just gone from “happened because” to “prominent figure” Daisy. There is a difference.

            What anti-trans have I said? Everything, and I do mean everything, I have said on the subject can be found coming from trans people such as those I have shared links to in the past and mention can be found in Fanshawes thread also.

            Get off your high horse Daisy.

      3. Clampers Outside

        Not surprised it says the opposite, they’re getting desperate and playing a nasty game with women’s lives.

  8. some old queen

    Just a straw pole but would everyone be happy if we done the same as in Mexico where trans people are regarded as a third sex/gender and called Muxes?

    1. Clampers Outside

      If it were that black and white, maybe. But it’s not. For starters, are you talking about trans gender persons or trans sexuals? Also, who are we to label them? Many trans persons want to be the sex they transition to, and leave it at that, many don’t. Then there’s the “theory” end of things where there are claimed to be a multitude of genders – if you recognise a third one, shouldn’t there be recognition for the 53rd one, 2,000th one? Where does it stop, and who decides where to stop?

      The question needs better framing, a Gender Studies or Queer Theory “scholar” would like have issue with the question because of the points I’ve made, among many others….

      1. some old queen

        We’ve had this discussion more times than hot meals Clamps- most Trans don’t give a frig about queer or gender or feminism studies- they just want to be left alone to go about their lives in peace- to do the normal things like walk home from the pub without fear of assault or being killed.

        Now we have already established you don’t actually know any Trans people and yet- here you are like a dog with a bone yapping on about a small percentage doing what I don’t know. Once again I say to you- go talk to them- meet for a coffee somewhere- you might find that you have a lot more in common with some than you imagine.

        As for the middle aged multi millionaire desperately trying to stay relevant- yeah well- obviously GO’D is not the only one trying to stir poo. He was no more qualified to be on the program than the average Dublin taxi driver- in fact, Dub taxi more so as have probably actually met some because Trans people use taxis more than the rest of us.

        1. BS

          Of course a trans person should be able to walk home and carry on their life without fear of being assaulted. That’s a common human right we all have. But do you agree that a trans person should have more rights than anyone else? Do you believe that women’s rights should be weakened in order to give trans people further rights? Do you think women should be able to have protected sex not gender based places to feel safe?

        2. BS

          SoQ are you simply another misogynist who is happy for other men to take away rights from women, and in particular lesbians?

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Trans women take no rights from me, no more than lesbians do.
            Does it make me a homophobe because I turn down advances from another woman?
            Does it make a lesbian a homophobe because she turns down advances from another woman?
            Why should it make a lesbian a transphobe if she turns down advances from a trans woman?

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            One person makes a comment on twitter? That’s all terfs have, one or two people making one or two comments that they can hang their entire bigoted argument on.

          3. Clampers Outside

            Calm down there. It’s an example Daisey.


            …of the differences in opinion on the answer to the question you asked. There are many, many, many more.

            Have a nice weekend.

        3. Clampers Outside

          You asked an open question and then get snotty when you don’t.like an answer….

          Might I suggest you stop asking open questions with possible answers you’re not prepared to accept.

          I’ve responded before to the rest of your comment.

        4. Clampers Outside

          You asked an open question, then go off on one because you don’t like the answer….

          That’s not how it works.

          We’ve been down this road, thanks.

          1. some old queen

            Why should you, a very wealthy man, care about trans people huddling for safety in the center of Dublin or Belfast and taking every single low paid job they can because nobody else who will employ them.

            Why should you care that my mother told me that my life would be difficult because I was gay?

            STOP picking on the most vulnerable you donkey hole.And if you are not the individual in question- lets- hear it.

  9. postmanpat

    I think the main take away from all of this is to recognise that Father Ted Season 3 and all the specials were cack. And what’s that got to do with trans issues? Absolutely nothing . But Graham Linehan inserted himself into the debate so criticising is work is fair game. Also Ted-heads are insufferable.

    1. Jasper

      For Shame!

      Chris the sheep, Pat Mustard, Ted Crilly – Not a Racist…. season 3 was the best season

      Fargo Boyle!!!

      Fckin ‘Ell

    2. shayna

      I was sat at The Europa Bar in Belfast, last year with a RTÉ producer, he said , “Don’t look, but Graham Linehan is behind us?” – of course I looked. . He just seemed a lonely guy.

      1. some old queen

        The most bombed hotel in Belfast- with rooms you couldn’t swing a cat- on Pride night charged £450- why were you even in the foyer of that pretentious hole?

        They employ illegal cleaners ffs.

  10. Shane Duffy

    Nature got it right. There are only 2 sexes, and each procreates with the other. Saying you were born into the wrong body is tripe. Is a blind person in the wrong body, a Down Syndrome person, etc etc? The body sex being mutated because the brain sex thinks it’s right is tragic.

    1. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

      You might want to research intersex. There is a great Aussie ABC show called “You can’t ask that”, lol for the intersex episode.

      1. BS

        Intersex people make up an incredibly small percentage of the world population.

        People with gender dysphoria should be treated with the same compassion and medical treatment that anyone else with a psychological issue, as that’s what it is. They feel like they were born in the wrong body. They were born, their sex was observed and they were raised according to the gender which is traditionally associated with that sex. Now they feel they don’t fit that gender. Of course they should be able to change the way they live and choose a gender that makes them feel comfortable. However sex based rights that women have are sex based for a reason, and as sex and gender are not the same thing changing your gender should not grant you the same legal rights as females.

  11. curmudgeon

    Complaint made by Irish Times columnist Roe McDermott. Roe has made a career out of hating men and her twitter feed is just a stream of white male bashing, casual misandry. She is still pedlling the “we’re living in an oppressive patriarchy” delusion to the most cossetted demographic in the world.

  12. BS

    SoQ seems to enjoy his hard won rights as a homosexual male, as he has written about in great detail here. But when it comes to the rights of lesbians and straight women to have safe spaces and not be harassed, and called misogynistic slurs when they won’t accept “lady willy” he draws the line

  13. Clampers Outside

    An excellent read by a Professor at Trent Univesity, Canada on his journey from gender theory advocate, and author in the mid 90s, to his admission today that he “just made it up”….

    I do realise that some persons will likely attack the source of this post, because they don’t like the publication, and will ignore the pedigree in the field the author has.
    Those persons can enjoy their echo chamber.
    Everyone else can enjoy this Professor’s insights into how gender ideology and social construction theory made it to the level of acceptance as a ‘fact’ that it now has in the mainstream. It’s a good insight into how nonsense like, gender ideology and social constructivism, can take root in the wider public’s mindset as ‘scientific’, when really it’s just ‘all talk’ …for the most part.
    I say again… for the most part, not altogether.

    1. some old queen

      Are you the multi millionaire Graham Linehan or in any way connected Clampers Outside?

      It is a srt8 yes/no

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