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  1. V

    That’s a great pic of Jack Chirac there in the FT

    Imagine Brian Cowan in that pose
    Well with the way an Offaly lad would hold a Carroll’s like

  2. some old queen

    Deliver Breixit or face riots- that just about sums it up- that now the majority don’t want it somehow irrelevant.

      1. some old queen

        If it comes down to a referendum between no deal Brexit and Remain- Remain will win hands down- It is a completely different proposal to last time because nobody voted to crash out.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      There is zero evidence to support that. Murdoch setting the narrative once more. And the good folk of the UK buy it.

    1. f_lawless

      I think it’s the perfect headline in a way -almost like they’re subliminally trolling their own readers – as in, only a dumbo would buy The Star

  3. eoin

    “Labour TD Alan Kelly asked principal officer Richard Fallon whether his (Kelly’s) view that Justice does not accept the report is accurate.

    “You’re entitled to your view. The PSC is no longer being required to make a citizenship application, so we are responding to the report,” Fallon replied.”

    reports the Examiner, confirming that three ministers have now decided that they can’t require a PSC in order to grant official documentation (Shane Ross/driving documents, Simon Coveney/passport and Charlie Flanagan/citizenship)

    If Regina is claiming she has clear advice from the Attorney General to challenge the Data Commissioner’s findings, then why are fellow ministers around the Cabinet table taking a different view. Of course, Regina says she doesn’t know why. Poor love, can’t manage a business, can’t handle criticism on social media and can’t stand being blanked by colleagues in the corridor.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Her own Corridor Manners towards Helen McEntee a few years ago ensured that her demise from politics will be soon.
      Has she paid back Leo’s sweetheart deal payment yet I wonder?
      Why wasn’t she in court over her illegal loan from her company?

      1. V

        This and the rest

        She is a terrible Minister
        The worst of the lot of them

        And that’s saying something given the line up she’s in

        I don’t care about her manners or her previous business exploits, that’s for the Voters in her constituency, her Creditors and the ODCE perhaps
        But her appointment and performance as a Senior Minister is not just mortifyingly bad, it’s a act of treason
        And That
        Is on Leo Varadkar

  4. eoin

    80% of the way through Edward Snowden’s new book “Permanent Record” and if I’m reading it correctly, ALL your efforts at avoiding malware and surveillance of your emails and internet browsing and content of your drives (documents, spreadsheets and what have you) are in vain. You can install all the firewalls you like, never click on a link in an email, never visit a dodgy website but you’ll still end up with US intelligence sevices malware on your device.

    According to Edward, the US security services use malware called “exploits” and whenever you send a request in your browser, eg to access http://www.bbc.com, your browser is filtered through US intelligence services who, along with returning you the http://www.bbc.com website, return “exploits” which install on your device and spy on everything you do, everywhere you go even when your device is supposedly switched off. Through their PRISM and upstream collection projects, the US has infiltrated the technology companies.

    Solution? Stop using US tech companies, software companies, hardware companies and infrastructure companies. Goodbye Google, Facebook, Microsoft Word, Gmail, Dell, Cisco.

    Now we know why Enda Kenny used a battered old 2G Nokia 3510 and I’d bet Leo doesn’t have a phone at all. And why Mark Zuckerberg sticks masking tape over the camera on his laptop.

    It’s an amazing, jaw-droppingly good read and despite the efforts of the US govt, is still available at Waterstones for €16.

    1. some old queen

      Stop using US tech companies- and use Chinese instead? You forgot HP who are accused of working with the Israelis. The problem is the underlying comms infrastructure rather than software or operating systems- and there is frig all can be done about that.

      But given that gmail has been hacked more than once- why anyone would assume it is in anyway secure is beyond me.

    2. Cian

      Amazing that nobody has ever seen these “exploits” in the wild.

      I mean, your HTTP traffic is plain text. You can easily view the headers and content.

      An “exploit” is essentially a virus, but nobody noticed.

  5. eoin

    The BBC reports “Wrightbus: Boris Johnson pledges government support”, but is short on details

    “Mr Johnson described Wrightbus, which built the Routemaster bus when he was the London mayor, as a “fantastic business”. “We have been working on it the whole time,” he told BBC News NI.You may know that the negotiations got very close, there was a particular problem that came up to do with the ownership of the land.
    “We want to sort it out, we are going to do what we can to help.””

    If Boris can’t help Thomas Cook, what can he do for Wrightbus?

    Still no sign of the 2018 accounts which had a final date for filing of next Monday. The registered office for the company has been changed in recent days to what looks like a modest bungalow in Ballymena. I smell a financial mess at the company which employed 1,400, 86% of whom were Protestant.

    1. some old queen

      Yes but what percentage were vegans eion? That is the real question.

      H&W employees were represented and supported at both Belfast and Newry Prides this year- another company which hardly had a great track record but in times like this- most people have enough generosity of spirit to recognise that ANYbody losing their livelihood is not a cause for celebration.

  6. eoin

    Minister for Children (excluding those who died in Tuam and were buried in septic tanks) Katherine Zappone publishes research on childcare creche costs.


    RTE reports “the highest full-time fees in Dublin, in the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown area, costing €251 per week. ”

    And how much do RTE staff in Donnybrook pay Belfast company, Wee Care which operates the creche at the recently refurbished Marconi House on the Montrose site? It’s heavily discounted because Wee Care get the premises for free, RTE also pays around €29,000 a year to maintain the building, plus it pays almost €15,000 a year for equipment and disposables. There are around 70 kids using the creche. I reckon RTE staff are getting their child care for half price, in a first class historic building. Nice, especially at an organisation that is haemorrhaging cash and facing collapse in the next 18 months.

    1. Choom Lives

      Can you prove children in Tuam were buried in Septic Tanks?

      Are are you just repeating the official lies?

    2. V

      If that’s the case so Eoin

      Then clear evidence of being in receipt of a Benefit in Kind is present

      Which is a matter between the user of the service and Revenue

      Which makes me ask;

      How many RTÉ employee contractors are asked to produce a TC1 (tax clearance certificate) before their contract is renewed
      Or before any payments are completed

      Incidentally, just a by the by, for my own curiosity
      Does anyone know if RTÉ deducts Professional Services Withholding Tax from payments for, well, technically speaking, Professional Services.

      It’s a matter of fact that RTÉ have a fairly soft interpretation, alongside a wide application, of what they consider “Professional Service” so I thinks it’s reasonable to ask if they do deduct WT.

      1. Cian

        Probably not.

        What are professional services?
        Professional services for which PSWT is operated include:
        ● medical, dental, pharmaceutical, optical, aural or veterinary services
        ● architectural, engineering, quantity surveying or surveying nature, and related services
        ● accountancy, auditing or finance services
        ● financial, economic, marketing or advertising services
        ● legal services
        ● geological services.


        1. V

          Fair enough

          Any chance you could confirm that all those ‘Contract’ companies and the ‘Personnel’ they provide to RTÉ provide TC1s



  7. eoin

    What do you mean you weren’t invited, etc.


    “Pleased to officially presented the Exequatur to @LorHiggins our first Honorary Consul in #Galway w/ jurisdiction in the Province of #Connacht. Looking forward to work on promoting #Slovakia in #Ireland & SK-IE bilateral relations @SVKembassyIRL @SlovakiaMFA #GoodIdeaSlovakia”

    What’s an exequatur when it’s at home? If I know Lorr-Lorr, you’ll be able to find out on ebay shortly.

    1. ReproBertie

      No doubt her supporters, I mean those who don’t agree with her but will argue that she had a point, will be along to explain why this is all Lidl’s fault for saying the Ryan family when they don’t meet their particular definition of a family.

      1. V

        What point exactly

        The definition of family is two or more people Charing Sharing and Cherishing each other together

        Family is not defined by skin colour, name, gender, age or even a legal undertaking like a marriage ceremony

          1. some old queen

            The Broadsheet Choir- now that would be a sight to behold- 6 months fighting over which songs to sing for a start.

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