Protected By Diplomatic Immunity


Pope Francis

The Vatican is refusing to co-operate with requests to provide witnesses and evidence about child abuse in the Roman Catholic Church to a British public inquiry, it emerged yesterday.

The independent inquiry into child sexual abuse was told that the Vatican considered the requests to be improper and claimed that its officials were protected by diplomatic immunity.

The response appears to be in stark contrast to Pope Francis’s declaration this year of an “all out battle” against child abuse, which he said was “utterly incompatible with [the church’s] moral authority and ethical credibility”

Vatican refuses requests for child abuse inquiry evidence (The Times)

Peter Fox writes:

Vatican refuses requests for child abuse inquiry evidence. Despite all the rhetoric the catholic church is changing, its action speak louder than words. It refused to release child abuse files to Irish, then Australian now UK inquiry.


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18 thoughts on “Protected By Diplomatic Immunity

  1. postmanpat

    The RCC always was and still is a paedophile ring. This is known . Yet idiots still baptize their kids into the faith. This guy is the worst Pope since John Paul II.

  2. Rob_G

    If the RCC is deciding that its operating as a nation state as and when it suits, we should start treating them like a country all the time.

    I don’t think there is any question of one sovereign nation controlling 90% of the schools of another sovereign nation.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      That’s an interesting angle. There has been a long-standing call to treat them as a multi-national corporation – with staff, customers, assets, property, shareholders with a Company Charter and compliance to employment and company laws, financial transparency etc.

    2. Sam

      I don’t think we should treat them as a nation state. Ireland should recind our recognition, as should other countries. A ‘state’ with no native population, zero birth rate, all it’s water, sewage and electricity services are provided by the state surrounding it. Even it’s largest public space, St. Peter’s square is policed by the Italian caribinieri, rather than the Swiss Guards. It’s a legal contrivance and scam arranged in the Lateran Treaty with the Italian govt from a certain right wing bent…

    3. newsjustin

      The Vatican doesn’t own or run Irish schools. The Irish church isn’t the Vatican. Most Irish schools are owned by local parishes.

      1. Rob_G

        I think you are splitting hairs here – to put it another way, it seems incredible that a large proportion of the schools in this country are controlled by an organisation whose allegiance is to a foreign power.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    PR Pope Fran. All talk, no action. He may not wear prada slippers like Emperor Palpatine before him, but he’s more fond of protecting the money and his pedophile pals than protecting children from rape and abuse.

    1. eoin

      Don’t you adopt that disrespectful tone. Next you’ll be claiming Francis only used the Spanish word for faeces “caca” last year when confronted about the Catholic record on child abuse just to cause scandal and avoid people demanding concrete commitments for financial reparation while they were all distracted by the holy pope saying “poo”.

  4. scottser

    The little one started infants there a few weeks ago. The national curriculum calls for only one hour of exercise but two and a half hours of religion per week. For a fupn five year old.

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