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  1. Choom Lives

    No mention of the assault(s) by PantyFa in Galway I see.

    Wot’s the matter? Would that destroy your victim narrative?

          1. some old queen

            So that a person got shaked is your point? Good- he was only there to exploit the local situation.

  2. martco

    I’m surprised if that’s true.
    I was expecting that number but with a €1mil tacked onto the front of it.

    1. eoin

      I agree, I was expecting John Delaney would have had to pay the FAI a seven figure settlement in repayment of expenses and those “professional fees” invoices from his ex-girlfriend and what have you. But, I suppose, the FAI probably just wanted to draw a line under it all and, in the circumstances, they may have accepted just €350k.

  3. eoin

    The start of the most ignominious week in Irish politics? Probably. Shady communications minister, Richard Bruton is set to sign the €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan with a consortium featuring Denis O’Brien, this, despite the recommendations of a cross-party Oireachtas committee to kick the Plan into touch and explore alternatives. And of course, on Tuesday week, Paschal Donohue will be introducing his austere Brexit budget when he’ll claim there’s no money for tax cuts or services and we need to be prudent.

    Fupp off FG, we can all see what you’re doing.

    1. liam

      So now its 5 billion euro?

      Really have to hand it to them

      Lets have national wallet mugging day where we all leave our wallets out and invite Leo to take what he wants

      The gas thing is these projects cannot be undertaken with the recession we are going to have post brexit

      So why not just up the bill to 40 billion euro

      Now watch the national children hospital spiral past the figures announced then the maternity hospital or lets call it the eternity hospital

      The silver lining in brexit will be brexit will halt all these pies in the sky

  4. eoin

    Jacob Rees Mogg told the Tory party conference yesterday.
    “I think if the DUP are happy with the deal there will be very few Conservatives, including those who are without the whip, who are then against a deal, and at that point there are a number of people in other parties who think that yes we must now just finish this,”

    This was a departure from the prepared script which had been given to the Tory-friendly Spectator beforehand and published on their website.

    Just look at it though, if 10 members of a controversial political party in Northern Ireland agree to a deal, then the 300+ Conservative MPs (including the 20+ who have lost the whip) will fall into line? Seriously? That is just amazing.

  5. eoin

    Remember the DUP blaming Hurricane Katrina in 2005 on the gays? I wonder what they’ll blame for the website of the Wrightbus church, Green Pastures being offline most of yesterday.


    The website is back online this morning, and if you have time you might watch yesterday’s service where the Wrights, senior and junior, testified on the stage/altar.

    The deadline for Wrightbus to deliver its 2018 accounts is today and they’ll face a £750 fine from Companies House if they’re late. I doubt the administrators will be all that concerned at the fine, they have bigger fish to fry, but the accounts must have been prepared and signed off some time ago; the previous year’s (2017) were signed off in early August 2018. I smell some financial scandal in there.

  6. eoin

    Sorry to ruin everyone’s Monday with the devastating news that hard-up celebrity solicitor Gerald Kean and his latest amour have split. The unlikely named Sonia Vivaldi has reportedly “returned home”. Did we ever find out was she Swedish or Moldovan or Brazilian or what? Anyways, Gerald has now taken up residence in Drayton Manor, the house in Wicklow which he was in danger of losing last year on foot of loans which were acquired by a vulture fund.


    Gerald has had a mixed year in 2019, being turfed out of his rented office and pursued by the sheriff, and, on the other hand, he’s won €180,000 in libel damages, though the Revenue Commissioners will probably be first in the queue for their slice of that.

  7. eoin

    Research commission by the BAI [where Michael O’Keeffe has been at the helm for 30 years and needs to go] shows daily TV viewing by 15-24 year olds has declined by 40% from 109 minutes to 70 minutes in three years as viewers migrate to Youtube/Netflix, presumably because loss-making RTE is so awful and irrelevant as it superserves the urinary incontinent.


  8. eoin

    Pity BS doesn’t have the front page of the anti-Tory Daily Mirror


    Bojo reportedly had an affair with the busty ex-model US blonde to whom £100k+ was greelit by Bojo in grants when he was mayor of London, and the grants are now the subject of an investigation. On Twitter, they’re comparing Bojo and the ex-model to Trump and Stormy Daniels. At least the Donald gave Stormy £100k ($130k) from his own pocket.

  9. some old queen

    Bishop Brendan Kelly nails it- “With regard to the direct provision model, it is not fit for purpose. It prevents people from integrating and it contributes towards the deepening of ignorance, resentment, and suspicion.”

    Flanagan on the other hand said his department would talk with local residents in Galway once a decision had been made. ONCE a decision had been made- in other words- the DOJ will continue to do what they bloody well like and frig the local communities.

    1. liam

      Maybe placing many of the direct provision centres in rural communities is because they want to hide the problem and of course limit racist pigs tags to country folk

      Maybe some rural transport schemes might just improve the lot of these poor souls fleeing poverty and terror

      Bad as they are the centres are luxury compared to French facilities and god please protect those souls that were placed in converted shipping containers in the hell hole of the lesbos facility which went on fire killing at least two

      In reality we really have it good in this country when you look at these poor souls

          1. some old queen

            Yes well- all more the reason to keep raising it on a national stage so- just like those forcing halal meat into schools and hospitals- the DOJ will have a lot to answer for if the far right get a grip.

  10. eoin

    The galoot from Ranelagh finally publishes the homeless report for August 2019.

    For the seventh consecutive month, there’s 10k+ in emergency accommodation, including 3,848 kids.


    The galoot hasn’t yet commented on the figures, but I’d bet you a euro to a cent that “disappointing” features in there somewhere.

    July 2019
    “It’s a very disappointing increase that we have seen in July” [Eoghan Murphy, RTE News at One, 2 Sep 2019]
    June 2019
    Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy said there is still “a lot more work to do”
    March 2019
    “The figures for March show a slight increase on February, with four additional adults and 37 additional dependants in emergency accommodation. We continue to put considerable efforts in to prevent people from entering emergency accommodation, while also exiting as many families and individuals from homelessness as possible each month.”
    “The increase in homelessness in February is hugely disappointing.”
    “It is very disappointing and we remain in a very difficult situation where homelessness is heavily impacting on the lives of families and individuals. “
    “It is very disappointing to see more children in emergency accommodation as we enter into Christmas week.”
    “We are still very much in the midst of a crisis in homelessness in this country”
    “Earlier this year a number of categorisation errors were identified and corrected in the March and April reports.”
    “Any increase in the number of people accessing emergency accommodation is unacceptable”
    “Obviously any increase in people accessing emergency accommodation is unwelcome but it is good to see a decrease in the number of children and we are seeing a continued stabilisation of the numbers of people in emergency accommodation.”
    “Any increase in people in emergency accommodation is very disappointing.”
    “A number of local authorities have erroneously categorised individuals and families living in local authority owned or leased housing stock, including in some instances people renting in the private sector but in receipt of social housing supports, as being in emergency accommodation. “
    “The increase in homelessness in January was anticipated to a degree.”
    Nov 2017
    “Obviously the increase in November is disappointing.”
    Aug 2017
    “While the number of family presentations nationally in August has increased by 13 overall, the figure for Dublin has fallen by 32. “

    1. eoin

      It’s worth saying that under ETHOS rules, adopted throughout the EU, there are six categories of homelessness and the report published today is just the total under one of those categories [category (2) below]

      (1) People living Rough: Living in the streets or public spaces without a shelter that can be defined as living quarters
      (2) People in emergency accommodation: People with no place of usual residence who move frequently between various types of accommodation
      (3) People living in accommodation for the homeless: Including Homeless Hostels; temporary accommodation; Transitional Supported Accommodation; Women’s shelter or refuge accommodation
      (4) People living in institutions: Including people who stay longer than needed in health institutions needed due to lack of housing; and people in penal institutions with no housing available prior to release
      (5) People living in non-conventional dwellings due to lack of housing : where accommodation consists of mobile homes, non-conventional building or temporary structure, and is used due to a lack of housing and is not the person’s usual place of residence
      (6) People living temporarily in conventional housing with family and friends due to lack of housing

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