I Am The Storm


This afternoon..

Undisclosed location in Co Clare.

(Listen with the volume up)

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11 thoughts on “I Am The Storm

      1. Clampers Outside

        No bother… I saw two guys with a blower and a rake in Waterford…

        I didn’t take a pic tho :/

    1. martco


      this is a silly city slickers article, pity the fool etc.

      the brother in law has been out the door business wise since yesterday doing exactly this on gutters & drains with his big Husquvarna

      gave us a nice chuckle tho

      1. martco

        have you ever had to rake out leaves over 5 hectares @Peepee? try that & come back n let us know how it went. wear a pair of good gloves now won’t ya?

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