7 thoughts on “Eastern Bloc Cars In Your Area

  1. Paulus

    A lot of them had a Fiat 128-ish look about them.

    I remember hiring a Yugo Zastava (?) in the old Yugoslavia – well there wasn’t a lot to choose from!
    ( No Hot Wheels there).

    1. martco

      re. that whole Fiat lookalike scenario..

      it’s because in the ’70’s communist governments (in order to make workable affordable cars rather than take the hit of all the crippling money & time cost trial/error associated with inventing their own production lines) would buy up whole EOL (end of life) factory manufacturing lines from the likes of Fiat, Renault & others who’d moved on to the latest fancier model lines per western demands only needing to fettle some small items to make them at least a wee bit unique….there was a certain logic to it given the limitations.

      one exception to that approach largely was Skoda (the Czechs have massive engineering prowess & history every bit as impressive as say the Brits) e.g. the likes of the 130RS was a regular tarmac rally competition winner:


      used to be plenty of Skoda 110 & 130’s on the roads here, 130 would be an appreciating classic these days

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