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  1. eoin

    Charlie Flanagan has finally published the figures for asylum seekers in the month of August (two days after an official in his Department gave them to the Irish Mail on Sunday – did a bj or hj change hands? We’ll never know, it really is the sleaziest government Department with an ill-deserved sense of entitlement).


    So, what do the August 2019 figures tell us.

    There were 414 asylum seekers in the 31-day month of August, with the top #5 countries being
    Albania 111
    Georgia 70
    Zimbabwe 12
    South Africa 19
    Nigeria 39

    We know that Albania and Georgia are safe countries as defined internationally and accepted by Ireland. We also know 90%+ of the Georgians and Albanians will have their applications rejected.

    But who is smuggling these people into Ireland? How many corrupt customs officials are there [trust me, it will be customs or ex-customs officials]? How many corrupt Gardai? How many bent solicitors? If the Georgians are paying €15,000 a head to people smugglers, someone has walked away with €1m just for the month of August.

    The 111 Albanians and 70 Georgians will cost us around €6m in one year to maintain in hotels. And that’s just one month’s worth of arrivals of asylum applicants. If we extrapolate the asylum numbers over 12 months, 12 *111 Albanians and 12*70 Georgians, the cost is around €70m.

    This is serious money that some people are taking out of our pockets

    1. some old queen

      It’s a racket from start to finish which ends up with situations like Carrickmacross.

      Someone said yesterday that all a person has to do is fly into Dublin airport and claim asylum- so why then would someone pay to be smuggled?

        1. postmanpat

          From the INIS website:
          “Where to apply:
          You should apply for asylum at the Irish border as soon as you arrive at an airport or ferry port. You should tell an immigration officer at Passport Control that you want to apply for asylum.”

    2. some old queen

      I was thinking that myself- if trafficking is so profitable and so many are requesting asylum- how many are not? Is there any figures on illegals in the country at all?

  2. eoin

    Hahaha, Bojo’s passade comes back to haunt him in a very deliberate pose on the front page of the Guardian.

    1. eoin

      Ah BS, “passade” was such an apt word.

      “A passing flirtation or romance”

      Unless you think we can’t say Bojo did the dirty again, and that ship has long sailed.

      1. V

        Ah here lads

        That link needs to come with a health warning
        Viewer Discretion Advised kinda thing

        I seriously don’t know what it is with him
        Like, it must be like sleeping with a bouncy castle
        With hair
        All those girls must be desperate

        and as for professional Politicians, of and from every colour, no matter how many barrels to their names or where they went to school
        Did they not know what they were getting? Or what to expect? Did they really need to see failed vote after failed vote

        Boris as PM is the equivalent of hiring a half blind, mostly piddled, foul-mouthed randy driving test tester

        It’s all getting boring now
        The excuses, the slagging off and even the cartoons

  3. some old queen

    Iv’e just had an idea for a new Lidl ad- me, himself and the cat. I’ll be painted green- he orange and the cat white. Now himself might whinge a bit but- it will be up to the Lidl staff to paint the cat.

    Good training for communicating with herself on twitter I think.

    1. some old queen

      On the other hand- did anyone see your wan from Dundalk in the burka on Claire Byrne last night? Arguing to take Lisa Smith home no less- how to win friends and influence people eh?

  4. eoin

    Budget Day, sadly, it’ll be a couple of days before we find out if RTE has received more (arguably illegal state aid), if Trinity (which already gets €100m+ in direct aid, indirect student grants and soft-terms research grants) has received more while parents at primary school have to go to loan sharks to pay for back to school expenses, if €25m Met Eireann has received more so it can get the odd major weather event right.

    No increase is most social welfare but the Oireachtas is awarding itself a 15% increase.

    SF has challenged Paschal to a debate but after the recent election results, there’s more chance of Paschal agreeing a debate with the Green Eamonn Ryan.

    1. V

      Dunno about that now
      Other than their strategic leaks over the last week
      I reckon it’s going to be a populist pre- election budget
      Lots of Greenie stuff
      Childcare stuff (which worked for Bertie)
      And a big section on Help- to- Buy and rent relief

      With Brexit being used as the comfort blankie for everything they are not doing in this budget
      Which I won’t be swallowing btw

      1. eoin

        BTW, today will be a good day for burying bad financial news. Wouldn’t be surprised if Paschal uses the smokescreen of the budget to sneak out the financial penalties payable to Denis & Co if the €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan is delayed (or binned, because wireless operators can now deliver to 50% of the 540,000 premises covered by the NBP).

        1. some old queen

          Speaking of smokes- the highest prices in Europe. Given that most local corner shops are under the counter now- how is the % of smokers calculated?

    2. Rob_G

      “…if RTE has received more (arguably illegal state aid)”

      This is a completely daft assertion.

    3. eoin

      The budget pack published today shows €269.9m has been allocated to “broadcasting” in 2020 in Richard Bruton’s Dept. That compares with €264.6m for this year, so, there’s a €5m increase. The budget pack doesn’t detail how this will be spent, so keep your eye on the shady Richard Bruton over the next day or two for announcements about increased funding for RTE.

      The €8m which Denis Naughten allocated RTE last year is arguably illegal state aid for a business which competes in the media sector, and I am expecting a state aid challenge at the European Commission about it.

  5. eoin

    After a BBC Spotlight programme last night, the News Letter reports

    “Ulster Resistance member Noel Little travelled to Geneva and Paris in early 1987 to meet a representative of a South African arms company named Douglas Bernhardt.

    Spotlight revealed statements made by Bernhardt to the French secret police at the time where he told them that Little had come to him with a shopping list of weapons including Ak47 assault rifles, 9mm pistols, APG7 machine guns, grenades, mortars, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. He said that after the payment of $120,000 a shipment was smuggled into Northern Ireland at the end of 1987.”

    The BBC says the guns were used by loyalists to kill 70 people.

    Be a shame if all of this was pointed out to the MP for south Belfast, she gets very upset if her dad’s past is ever raised as she sticks her nose up at SF (while at the same time doing fupp all about UVF flags in mixed areas of south Belfast).

  6. some old queen

    No need for ‘GB’ stickers when driving in the Republic

    Well that’s nice- especially as NI is not and never was in GB.

    Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy said “There are still questions over insurance and driving licences that need to be resolved – I urge anybody living in the south with British licence to transfer it to an Irish licence as soon as possible to avoid any potential difficulties.”

    Firstly it is not a British License it is a NI license- people in NI hold two. But, more importantly, anyone who has received a speeding fine in the south while driving on a northern license has the points placed on a ghost license- those points become live once they transfer.

    Some people don’t realise this is the case so they need be cognisant of the fact, otherwise they could find themselves with hefty insurance hikes or worse- disqualification.


  7. V

    The Examiner above – bottom, and just right of the centre, is a thumb nail with a title so innocuous
    Customer care in credit unions
    it’s almost underwhelmed with itself there

    When in fact it is supposed to be telling ye that the Irish Credit Unions have
    for the fifth year in a row won the National CX award (best customer experience)
    A record
    and also a World record

    At the World Credit Union Conference over the summer the Irish League of Credit Unions were given centre stage to talk about their then Four in Row and share how it was achieved with colleagues all around the World
    Cooperation with / amongst Cooperatives after all

    Interesting, or perhaps tellingly,
    No-one more local is as keenly interested

    Anyway, congratulations to all the members in the Irish Credit Union Movement

    It won’t row back Paschal’s disgracefully unfair and possibly fatal for some of us Industry Funding Levy

    But we all know we’re doing something right anyway, and someone outside the influence of the Irish banking lobbies and the Dept of Finance has actually noticed

  8. Lilly

    I just saw the Irish Sun in the supermarket with front page headline about the Irish Jeffrey Epstein – a ‘media star’ who has been assaulting women, including Dr Ciara Kelly, since the ‘70s. Also a wife beater, allegedly. File has been sent to the DPP.

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