From top: John Wall, Minister for Health Simon Harris; Tweet from Minister Harris this afternoon.

This afternoon.

Patient advocate John Wall writes;

No words to describe how grateful I am to Minister Simon Harris and his team. More detail to follow over next few months but Terminal Illness Card eligibility criterion WILL be extended. Special thanks to Alan Kelly [Labour TD] and Stephen Donnelly [Fianna Fail TD] also.Medicalcard – No Scandal!

In fairness.

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9 thoughts on “Extended

  1. dav

    I’m Glad for John Wall’s sake, but it makes me angry that those who are terminally ill have to fight tooth and nail to be shown some common decency by our health service.

    1. eoin

      And you have to ask yourself, if it weren’t for someone as decent and articulate as John Wall, who achieved a public profile for a just cause, would the government have lifted a finger. Government policy by media profile again, though that’s not John’s fault and I wish him the very best.

  2. John Wall

    Hi. I know its not ideal that it took a public approach for this issue to approach a resolution but honestly if that’s what it takes, to hell with it, so be it. We’ve gotta speak up when the need arises & I have to say, I’ve found that Minister Harris, Alan Kelly & Stephen Donnelly to be extremely helpful. I took an all party approach & will continue to lobby for what I believe in. For all your support out there, Thank You

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