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  1. ReproBertie

    I wonder if the Brits are longing for the strong and stable leadership of the Taoiseach May days yet.

      1. Busted

        The absolute state of the Cults. And their propaganda goats in the state media.

        How much money did (((they))) spend on that damp squib?

        Pathetic. Millions spent on propaganda over decades and the result is a couple of hundred would-be hippies pretending they’re bringing the city to a standstill?

        I’ve had farts that have been more disruptive.

    1. eoin

      471 arrested in London.

      In Ireland, we seem to have an altogether more relaxed attitude. “Want to block the street and protest in front of Leinster House?” “No problem, sure, there’s protests there every other day, what harm, wha”/

  2. shayna

    1.2 Billion Euros? A country that had no say in the matter of Brexit, is budgeting for a “No-Deal” – I’m teetering on the edge, I’ve stared into the abyss – the view isn’t that great.

  3. eoin

    Shifty little fuppers in FG and their rag tag of Independents. The devil is in the detail. We’ll learn in the coming days the detail of yesterday’s announcements.

    €40m for Help to Buy is enough for 3,000 buyers a year at €15k a go. It’s still a big subsidy but a big reduction on the numbers in the past 3.5 years.

    The betting shop give-away isn’t individually costed, it’s included in a range of nine measures which envelopes such as micro breweries and R&D.

    How much extra is going to RTE? It’s not €5.3m, is it?

    Nothing extra for Trinity, it seems, but the relief on grants will encourage more income from the research people at Trinity.

    Nothing extra for Met Eireann, it seems, but they failed to spend all of their €25m last year, they’re that over-funded already [and they still can’t get Gerry Murphy to smile]

  4. eoin

    Where’s Sammy [Wilson, the DUP spokesperson on Brexit]. He’s been absent from the airwaves since Bojo published his big idea last week, with some suggesting Sammy doesn’t want to be seen supporting Bojo at all, despite the rest of the DUP coming out to support the proposed deal.

    Yesterday, Sammy issued a statement. Though he hadn’t much to say about the deal [“a reasonable proposal on the table. It may not be perfect but it’s a fair deal”] he did have a go at Leo.


      1. eoin

        Don’t be upsetting Emma [the DUP MP for south Belfast whose dad, Noel Little was a member of Ulster Resistance and briefly jailed in France for importing guns to be used by loyalists during the Northern Ireland conflict]. She hates it when you remind her of that connection, especially when she’s holding forth on SF.

        Also, the big news yesterday was, the current chief constable of the PSNI says he’s not aware of the IRA Army Council being in existence. That’s a big change since October 2015 and indeed July 2019 when the PSNI were saying the IRA AC was still intact and influencing SF.

      2. Rob_G

        Gerry Adams is a sitting TD, and one of the most famous politicians in the world (and still alive); it is maybe not that surprising that he is in papers more often than Willie Frazer, who has himself appeared in articles in the Independent on many occasions (though a bit less frequently now that he is dead).

      3. italia'90

        Ok I have to admit that I miss Willie”I cut my own hair”Frazer.
        He was undoubtedly one of Armagh’s most talented comedians.
        SF don’t really do comedy do they?
        But they have are Jarry and he has some killer punch lines!
        (Some of his best jokes were written by spooks)

        1. Rob_G

          I used to laugh at him along with everyone else, but by the end I mostly felt pity for the man – his was a life truly consumed by hate & bitterness.

          1. italia'90

            … and embezzling money from old widows and victims of the dirty war through F.A.I.R.
            I find it hard to have any sympathy for a person like that.
            There’s still plenty more like him up there unfortunately.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    So the Green party can rest easy that they have gotten a sop from FFG. Or have they? Once the electorate wake up to how supposed ‘green’ policies affects their pockets, that’ll be a kick back into the goolies for Ryan and Councillor Boyle. The only green wave will be the one saying goodbye.

    1. Nigel

      Seems like people want to blame the party not in power for the policies of the party in power, which does not seem like a good way to treat environmental issues seriously.

  6. eoin

    Where is the opposition allowed a voice on the mainstream media?

    Prime Time last night and the SF finance spokesperson was one of six in a debate with Paschal Donohue and probably had about 30 seconds of input. Given Budget 2020 was agreed between FF and FG beforehand, surely SF should have been accorded the respect for a one-to-one, or at least a smaller field. Bad day for democracy.

    Paschal had unfettered access to RTE and Virgin, Leo was given a seat on the Nine O’Clock News. It’s a poor show from a media that’s supposed to hold the government to account.

  7. eoin

    Do we know yet how much of the cost of a social house is protection money paid to gangsters?

    Would it be €10,000 out of €200,000?

    What about other infrastructure projects? The National Childrens Hospital? Or, are the gangsters in that project more likely to be wearing suits and ties and the odd hard hat.

    1. SB

      That’s disgraceful that Dublin City Council was paying protection money. What sort of a police force do we have that this has to happen to allow social housing to be built? What sort of people already live in that neighbourhood that allow this to happen?

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