What Do They Want From Us?


This morning.

Fitzwilliam Place. Dublin 2

Conro writes:

After careful consideration on our coffee/green tea breaks we’ve determined that the strange artifact (above) that’s appeared around Fitzwilliam Place this week is one of the following:

1) Outdoor hot tub, giving rise to questions about that office’s internal culture.

2) A specialised smoking capsule which recirculates your smoke for an additional nicotine hit at a small cost to life expectancy.

3) A small contingent of aliens from beyond the stars have landed and are considering their next move after a complete lack of hype generated by their arrival left them disappointed and embarrassed.


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23 thoughts on “What Do They Want From Us?

      1. postmanpat

        15 or 20 or 25K !! ouch, polycarbonate glass. even curved along its x/ y axis cant cost that much. Probably just for the money laundering clientele. Still, not a bad project to take on oneself . A hobbyist could probably get the materials for 2 grand.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Yours for only €500 per week (5 days only). Must have ten references and a letter from your grandparents

      1. eoin

        I would have said “report them to the Council” but the eejits in Dublin city have had 10 applications for 90+ lettings and 195 applications for registration to provide Airbnb since the registration rules came in on 1 July. There are 7,500 Airbnb lettings for Dublin city. So, the only way to get Dublin city to enforce planning laws seems to involve brown envelopes.

  1. GobDaw

    Unique bijou, own-door, 1 bed (could fit four brazilians) city centre aprtment. Close to all amenities.

    Only 800 pm. reply with previous landlord and work references and blood samples.

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