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  1. V

    In fairness
    does make up for all the Seagulls ate my Hamster and Killer Storms in Clacton carry on

    1. jeremy kyle

      Those two missed a great opportunity, could’ve started a racket selling fake stories about each other for years.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Daily Mail wondering why we are not having SEX! Well, despite the song and the stereotypes, it is not all about sex, baby. Sometimes it is just about the hugs, or the snuggles, or the just being in the same room as someone you know loves you, and has your back (not in the violent movie context) and may occasionally rub it for you. Those are the kind of relationships that make the sex truly transcendental when it happens.
    Sure, the one night stands and moments of passion happen, but you cannot really keep them up. No, I do not ascribe to the thought that they are meaningless, but just to the one that more meaning is found in a loving relationship. Sometimes those are based on sex, and good for them and their energy. I kinda sorta envy them, but that is not me.
    That being said, the best night I ever remember was the only one I had with this particular person, but we knew each other for a long time before, and remain good friends even to this day.
    I also don’t want a scenario where sex is a prescribed day of the week thing. Intimacy should always be spontaneous, and that could lead to sex, but it is the intimacy that is important. Sometimes a small touch is more meaningful than saying I want to get in your pants, and sometimes that touch is just a look.

    Please pardon the crudity.

    1. missred

      I regularly indulge in crudity on this site, yours is nowhere near the stuff I gleefully divulge for the lulz

  3. eoin

    Remember when Bojo was last in Dublin to visit with Leo, and Leo impressed the world’s media with his knowledge of the classics? Remember all that Athena/Hercules stuff. Leo tried to impress us further in the Dail yesterday with his post-budget speech, this time with modern Belgian philosophy. And what happened? Leo fell on his backside, that’s what.

    “Leo: I wish to quote a Belgian artist and writer but I am not sure how to pronounce his name.
    Micheal Martin: The Taoiseach should ask whoever wrote his speech.
    Tommy Broughan: That’s because the Taoiseach is reading someone else’s speech.
    Leo: Erik Pevernagie [name inserted on the record after the Oireachtas staff tracked down Leo’s speech] has observed that: “When politicians bury their head in the sand, ignorance rules the country.””


    Flat on his backside. Wouldn’t know his Homer from his Flanders.

  4. eoin

    Why is no-one talking about the fact that workers on higher wages have seen a slight improvement to their position while those on lower wages (<€35,000) have stood still.

    Take a look at the examples of income and tax shown in the govt's own papers (from pg 14).


    Some higher income bands are seeing 0.5% improvements in net income. But those on lower incomes are seeing zilch.

  5. eoin

    Two months after the Data Protection Commissioner’s report on the illegal mass surveillance of citizens and finally, the mainstream media is beginning to use those terms, albeit in the context of an allegation by a disgruntled user of free public transport. Regina’s Department hasn’t responded to the claim. Maybe she’ll offer to meet the complainant in couple of years….

      1. some old queen

        Very grey area- it was the responsibility of the department to cancel the card- the defendant could just claim ignorance as they were never notified of its cancellation.

        1. Cian

          I dunno if there is any truth to that original story.
          If you are entitled to free travel you get a PSC card.
          If you need a carer with you, you get a different PSC card that allows you bring a carer – the carer doesn’t get their own card. The point is that you need someone to accompany you – it isn’t a named person. So how could a carer have a card? How would it expire? And if they travel without the person that has the free travel they are committing an offence.

          1. some old queen

            OK- I assume the carer had their own card- they may have to do messages or pick or pick up prescriptions etc.

  6. eoin

    Nine days after Paschal Donohue promised to provide details the next day of the financial penalties payable to Denis & Co if the govt doesn’t proceed with the €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan, and still no sign of the figures.

    Meanwhile Regina Doherty says yesterday that she expects the NBP final contract to be signed “in the next couple of weeks” This despite the fact Leo indicated the signing would be deferred for a few months because wireless internet providers say they can cover 50% of the 540,000 premises in the NBP for free.

    We’re being robbed blind right under our noses.

    1. some old queen

      I was shot down for suggesting this a couple of months ago- its not ideal but wireless and satellite are a hell of a lot better than nothing. The cost benefit analysis which argues that rural dwellers need the same speed of connectivity as Grand Canal Dock- would make for interesting reading.

  7. eoin

    Squeaky bum time for Dublin city council as more details emerge about protection money in public contracts.

    Probably squeaky bum time for the Gardai also, because it seems some parts of Dublin are no-go areas. Shinners say that the same protection racket was tried in Clondalkin but there was a “massive Garda response” which put an end to it. Seems there was no such response in Ballymun.

    And squeaky bum time elsewhere, how come the SCSI failed to uncover protection costs in their construction costs estimates? And again, directors of companies which pay protection money to gangsters are also on dodgy legal ground.

  8. eoin

    After the shady acquisition of Harland and Woolf with the money coming from shady sources, the fate of Wrightbus may become clear today when Bojo-backer JCB is expected to become the likely buyer.

    JCB and its owners have given Bojo €141,000 in donations since 2017.

    1. bisted

      …JCB would be a natural fit for Wrightbus…sure they already fly the zionazi flags in Ballymena…good luck getting orders from Sadiq Kahn or Dublin Bus…

  9. GiggidyGoo

    Withdrawal agreement?

    I’m going to insist you add those two to the list

    – The Phantom
    – The Beast
    – Frankenstein
    – Loch Ness Monster
    – Magnum PI

  10. some old queen

    Gardaí in process of identifying individuals who ‘posted racist abuse online’ forcing young family to leave Ireland.

    Drew Harris said- “We remain in contact with the Ryan family. We are now in the process of identifying individuals, identifying those we believe are suspects of offences that may have been committed.”

    David Stanton said the Department of Justice is reviewing the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989 and a public consultation on the act is due to start shortly.


  11. eoin

    “Trump defends diplomat’s wife involved in car crash that killed British teenager: ‘It happens’

    Comments come as president turns down Boris Johnson request to waive diplomatic immunity ”


    So, if you’re married to a worker in a US embassy and you kill someone in your host country, and then you flee back to the US, Trump will protect you?

    So much for that special relationship between the US and UK and all that chlorinated chicken free trade in a post-Brexit world.

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