Today’s Irish Mirror cover with an image taken earlier this week in Dublin city centre taken by The Homeless Street Café

Babs Bear writes:

Dear Sam, These men – @MurphyEoghan @LeoVaradkar and  @simoncoveneyare in charge of the care of our homeless and want us to accept it’s OK for you to eat your dinner off cardboard, on a pavement, in our capital city.

It’s not OK. Sam. You’re 5.

Yesterday: ‘Sam’

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12 thoughts on “Dear Sam

  1. Dr.Fart

    i hate that it needs a picture to get people to see the reality of whats happening. we know how many homeless children there are, you shouldn’t need a photo of one of them to know that its unnacceptable and needs to change straight away. i hate that people need a face to the problem before they start caring.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Get rid of Murphy and there will be another equally useless and gutless cabbage to take his place. Same with Varadkar and Coveney. No shortage of toe the line politicians that will do anything to keep their job and eff the country. Our political system is deeply flawed and that is what needs to change. For all we know Murphy could make a great minister of Housing if the system could hold him to the actual requirements of the office, personally I doubt it though. As it is, General Election next year, cabinet reshuffle, new Housing Minister I’d imagine, and then god knows how many years of new minister with new plans which amount to absolutely nothing. This is what WE have putting up with for decades. Sam’s equivalent will still be eating off the pavement in 5 years time, living in a “family hub” and our government will still be spending taxpayers money on short term expenditure for B and B’s, Hotels, landlords and looking after vultures instead of long term investment in building homes.

    1. Dr.Fart

      that’s exactly it, and it’s so frustrating. Hard to see any real change in the future. Not within our lifetimes anyway. It annoyed me to see Varadkar fluting around Scandinavia, in countries where they’re on top of everything and know how to run their countries for the betterment of they’re people, knowing how opposite to that system he operates. Why the hell was he there? Wasn’t for tips or advice anyway. He just wanted to go to some cool countries, but wouldn’t take it on board that we should be ran the same way. Cycling around Copenhagen, then coming back to homelessness, broken health system, etc. etc. literally every sector in tatters, none running well.

      1. Liam Deliverance

        +1 Doctor – “they’re on top of everything and know how to run their countries for the betterment of they’re people” – the raison d’être of government in the first place, created by citizens for citizens, not created by citizens as an entitled a**holes club where corruption is the order of the day

        1. Dr.Fart

          would love to have some politicians who got into the game because they wanted their country of origin to thrive and do well. not just a pack of primary school teachers who wanted a better paid gig. Theyre contempt for us is so clear to see. Even in the language they use, calling us “voters” .. “the electorate” .. they merely see us as walking votes. To be appeased enough to keep them in power. They hate when we speak up, when we are more than quiet speechless votes. I was in Sweden recently and I reckon I’ll retire there if possible. Just to live somewhere where you’re not just a tax paying vote and nothing more in the eyes of the gov.

  3. Cormac Kinsella

    Hopefully Babs Bear leads by example and has taken Sam and his mother in and given them food and shelter. Virtue Signaling at this level MUST have a price and that price is to lead by example.

    1. Donal

      Below is my comment on here on this story yesterday:

      Your offer is generous and kind and I applaud you for it

      But it is not an answer. Staying in a spare room in your house for a period of time is as unsatisfactory an answer as housing families in B&Bs and hotels for months and years on end.
      Until the government start building social housing they are clearly stating that they do not care about the levels of homelessness. No other effort will work. The private sector will never solve this issue, the state has to provide.
      Shame on this government, shame shame shame

      1. dav

        Somehow I don’t think that Cormac really wants to help this child, he probably feels that it’s the child’s own fault to be in this position, not “pulling himself up by his bootstraps” and other thatcherite bile..

    2. V

      Oh STFU Cormac

      This is to everyones shame


      Virtue Smoke Signal your intemperate, narrow minded and uncaring tripe over with the National Party
      They’re right up your street

    3. Jeffrey

      We vote in guys to do this job because we have our own jobs to do. We pay taxes precisely so that less fortunate can be looked after by the people we elected and voted in. Helping Sam and his family alone would be a quick fix for that particular family but not beyond that, you dont understand these simple principles?

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