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  1. shayna

    In the spirit of 31st October – a day after my 53rd birthday – Brexit Day? I will sit on a beach in Spain, my Irish passport in hand and a defiant tricolour. Ta to Ryanair – £18!

    1. shayna

      Ryanair have decided to cease flights from Belfast to Faro from 2020 – that’s not great for the local economy. When O’Neill arrives for her pina colada on the beach in Lagos, they double check their supply of rum – true story. Everyone sees my drink, they want the same? Batata Beach Bar Lagos, Portugal, mention my name, “Shayna” to Randy the owner, you may get a euro off?

  2. Lurch

    Green number plates for electric vehicles wont work in Ireland if Fine Gael & Richard Bruton go ahead and approve the fracked gas plant, Shannon LNG.
    Fracked gas has a carbon footprint 44% worse than coal (Howarth Report, 2018) meaning that an electric vehicle powered by fracked gas generated electricity (what FG are pushing for) will be by far the most carbon intensive vehicle on the road!!
    The mind boggles at their hypocrisy.

    1. Cian

      “fracked gas plant”?

      The new gas terminal that will allow Ireland import gas to ensure we can heat our homes? A terminal that means we are less dependant on the UK connections? A terminal that is agnostic to the type of gas, be it natural or fracked.

      So why do you dub it a “fracked gas plant”?

      1. Lurch

        It will import American Fracked gas.
        This is on the record of Oireachtas committee.
        Wes Edens is behind it. CEO of fracked gas company New Fortress.
        Plenty more sources online.

        US is awash with fracked gas. Hence the spike in GHG emissions.
        They are scheming to flood Europe with it.
        Keep an eye on Ukraine and threats of sanctions to countries who do not import it. I think Germany may have already capitulated on this to protect their car industry.
        Fracked gas is 44% worse than coal, emissions wise. Devastating for the environment on every level.

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