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Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays, Thurrock, Essex, England this afternoon


Gardaí are satisfied the 39 people found dead in a container in the UK this morning were not trafficked through the Republic of Ireland.

Detectives from the Garda National Immigration Bureau and officers from Special Crime Operations have been investigating the route the truck, and the container, took from Europe to Essex in England.


This afternoon.

The truck at the centre of the container tragedy in Essex is registered in Bulgaria and is owned by an Irish woman, according to the Bulgarian foreign ministry.

….Gardaí are investigating if the container transited through the Republic of Ireland.

They said they have not received a formal request for assistance, but are carrying out their own inquiries into the route the lorry may have taken.

They are also trying to establish if the lorry and container travelled to Holyhead from Dublin Port….

Truck at centre of Essex tragedy ‘owned by Irish woman’ – Bulgarian foreign ministry (RTÉ)


Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays, Thurrock, Essex, England this morning

This morning.

Thirty nine bodies have been found in a container in Thurrock in Essex, police have said.

The bodies were found in a lorry Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays, Thurrock, Essex at roughly 1.40am this morning adding a 25-year-old man from Northern Ireland has been arrested on suspicion of murder

Live Thurrock Eastern Avenue updates after 39 dead bodies found in lorry container on industrial estates (EssexLive)

39 bodies including one teenager are found in a lorry container in Essex as driver, 25, from Northern Ireland is arrested on suspicion of murder (MailOnline)

Pic: Essex Live

20 thoughts on “In Essex [Updated]

  1. GiggidyGoo

    “We believe the lorry is from Bulgaria and entered the country at Holyhead on Saturday 19 October and we are working closely with our partners to investigate. ”
    The lorry came from Ireland?

  2. Cormac Kinsella

    Like it or not People Smuggling is booming industry. By taking people in, rescuing them at sea etc, a state becomes part of the transaction and the smugglers use this fact as part of the sale.

    1. Jerry

      came in no doubt from cork port or rosslaire
      Where were customs checks?
      They have technology to scan sealed trucks

      1. Spud

        They have one xray mobile unit I think.
        It’s far from adequate.
        The whereabouts of the mobile unit is well known at all times (It’s got a bloody big logo on it) and can be easily avoided.

        Ireland is seen as the weak point for the UK.

        Horrific story. Will be interesting to find out the origins of those poor people desperate to seek a decent life.

        1. ReproBertie

          “Ireland is seen as the weak point for the UK”
          As confirmed above, the truck didn’t pass through Ireland.

      2. Jeffrey

        They dont scan ALL the lories, would take far too long and they have fck all equipment as usual. They likely were in that lorry for days, very sad.

  3. Praetorian.

    Driver since released without charge…only picked up the trailer 35mins before horrible discovery.

    1. Rob_G

      The poor divil – I don’t know if he’d be fit to drive a lorry ever again, I could see how he might have trouble opening up a container in future.

  4. Pip

    But…….. they are v pissed off at unsuitable/ineligible folk from say, N.I., obtaining trucking permits/licences in Bulgaria instead (easier). And never actually operating there, despite driving with a Bulgarian licence plate along with lotsa Irish décor on the wagon. Seems like it was an opportunity to make a show of them.

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