Why not Ed to Leeson Street, Dublin 2?

From guitarist Ed McGinley (ex-The Dixons) on Facebook, writes:

Last-minute, short-notice productions present…

Due to the sad fact of the Leeson Lounge changing hands, my planned November gig there won’t happen.

But TONIGHT, to celebrate the great era of live music in this house, we’re playing our last gig there.

$1000 Wedding and Eileen Gogan will guest.

I suggest you all join us.

Ed McGinley (Facebook)

3 thoughts on “Free Tonight?

  1. Pip

    Alan ‘Monty’ Montgomery also ex-Dixons.
    Ah, them were days.
    Eileen Gogan, though. What a voice.
    Queen of Time on the Drays album is magnificent.

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