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This morning.

In Cabinteely, Dublin 18.

Cabinteely Life tweetz:

“From a local resident. Urgent! Anyone know what the approval process for removing trees is? Council about to cut down the most beautiful tree on Highland Avenue in The Park. How can I stop this asap? I’ve asked for the details of the council worker who has approved this.”


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20 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Amy

    This happened in my estate. Just stop the people continuing the work, ask for their permission slip to carry out the work, if they don’t produce one, ring the local gardai. We stopped it that way.

  2. Murtles

    Half the country was overgrown during the Summer months at high tourist season due to the ban on cutting hedges and grass verges for wildlife and biodiversity and yet a fully mature tree (which I’m sure must have some critters on/in it) can be cut down without notification. A banana republic.

  3. Jake38

    The tree is probably lifting the pavement on the footpath. This is a magnet for compo seekers so the corpo is cutting them all down.

    Thank the legal system…

      1. mucker no. 238

        If the tree root is prodruding above the level of the footpath it is a trip hazard. The only way to put that right would be to start hacking away at the roots.

    1. mucker no. 238

      This or it could be damaging somebody’s property like garden wall, driveway or house foundations. It may be diseased. I’m sure they didn’t just take a notion and decide to chop it down for fun.

    2. BreakfastinVegas

      This particular tree is not lifting the footpath at all. It is however, dropping boughs at an alarming rate. Its too big and not suitable for a residential street. It’s removal has been under discussion with the parks dept for years. I love trees (hate the nanny state and lawyers in general) but this particular tree needs to go before it kills someone.

  4. A Person

    Why not ring the Council or stand in front of the workers, instead of fupping tweeting. A real emergency…. so let’s tweet.

  5. Chimpy

    I’d be climbing up it. No feckin way would I let them cut it down. Coming up to the end of the year so local council need to see that theyve spend their entire allowance so that they will get the same amount next year. Its utter bollox.

    1. BreakfastinVegas

      The tree is far too big for the road, it drops massive boughs at every storm. the parks guys say it has no place in a residential street and I agree with them after seeing what it drops each time the wind blows.
      The real issue is why wasn’t it removed 8 years ago, when the first claims against it went in?
      Frankly it’s only a matter of time before this tree causes someone a serious injury. I’m all for protecting trees, but not when that protection will inetivibly lead to serious injury for someone. this tree has no place in a residential setting.

    1. BreakfastinVegas

      This tree has been causing trouble for years. Its had it coming…
      It doesn’t belong in a residential street and has been earmarked for removal since about 2013.
      The real issue is why did it take so long and why did no one tell the immediate residents that it was going to be removed.

  6. Truth in the News

    You need a Tree Felling Licence to cut down Trees which was enacted under
    Legislation dating back to 1946

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