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  1. :-Joe

    AAHahahaha…… just too funny.

    I newspaper : “Corbyn vows to transform UK by tackling wealthy elite”

    The Jewish Times : “Nightmare Before Chanukah”

    Meanwhile, Kevin, from Home Alone(If his parents never actually came home) has been advised by a racist, sexist, anti-intellectual game-show host and his political father figure and ideological mentor that to secure election victory, he should join forces with another racist, blow-hard, buffoon in order to beat a Labour leader, who according to the incessant bias and corruption of the mainstream media has absolutely zero, nada, no chance of ever succeeding at anything, ever… because he is completely weak, lame, incapable, ineffective, toxic, etc etc etc. No matter what….

    Nottomention Anti-Semetic
    [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceCOhdgRBoc ]

    Listen to the man in his own words. Truly inspirational in the face of it all.
    [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=062iHu1pwpU ]

    Oi Vey…


  2. martco

    so if I have this straight…

    teacher, male, actively grooms child for sex, perpetrates rape of child = heinous crime punishable with heavy custodial sentence

    teacher, female, actively grooms child for sex, perpetrates rape of child = heinous crime but like its a ladyperson so c’mon y’know not as bad really is it now? punishable with a light custodial sentence

    or am I missing something?

    1. :-Joe

      Morality vs Legality…

      It’s illegal because it’s culturally immoral. Yet, biologically we are designed to procreate at our healthiest point in our lives but we choose to extend the period of youth into young adulthood before parenthood for the benefit of having a more educated and upwardly mobile population. Workers.

      All that that entails, before you even consider double standards or even more importantly, consent, level of intellect, awareness, motivation, intent and various other factors and influences etc. outside of the blunt legal framework of what is right and wrong.

      I was looking at some articles about this recently….

      Apparently, Women are responsible for approx 1/3 or 33% of sexual offences of this type involving teachers in the US and it’s on the rise from about 5% from a decade ago.

      It is thought that the main influence is the rise in social media combined with the over-sexualization of well, everything in general but youth in particular.

      Add to that, naivety and stupidity and the general issues around objectification of women through the prism of self-conciousness from most media for as long as I can remember. Media now compounded and concentrated thanks to facederp and gurgle instadumb marketing and advertising corporations commodifying everyone.

      Another reason to delete social media and use your smartphone less until their is better education(don’t hold your breath, do it yourself) or a better alternative like the Librem 5 Linux Phone.


    2. Listrade


      My caveat to your statement is:

      “teacher, male, without any political connections, no friends in the gardai, isn’t a public figure, didn’t go to the right schools or colleges or isn’t reasonably well off financially, actively grooms child for sex, perpetrates rape of child = heinous crime punishable with heavy custodial sentence”

      I wouldn’t focus on the punishment though, I’d focus on the comments by Rape Crisis Centre. I suspect this is actually just a rehash of press release they have sent out and I think there needs to be way more criticism of their quotes:

      “an important statement about the recklessness of the offence committed by a someone in a position of authority”.

      “Recklessness”. An adult groomed a child from when they were underage, specifically waited until the very day they were 16. Reckless? That’s what has p*ssed me off. That’s the one where if the sexes were reversed, there is no way in hell the RCC would describe it as reckless.

      It wasn’t rash, she wasn’t lacking in any attention, it was calculated grooming. It comes across as if the RCC has more sympathy with the perpetrator than the victim by the group who should defend victims.

      I’ll happily retract all the above if we can find other RCC quotes where they have described a male groomer as “reckless”.

      1. martco

        yeah @Listrade
        you’ve put your finger on one major faulty aspect there, “reckless” & “groomed” are two words which do not travel together at all whatsoever.
        my poke comment on the sentence might have been simplistic but tbf the sentencing aspect is the singular tangible metric that can be applied when you boil the carrots down, no?
        I’m also having a poke though at our supposedly becoming more equal society however…just how rooted in nonsense Victorian values the courts world is. Custody of children. Violence in the home perpetrated by the woman wearing the trousers. etc. again & again.

        And that’s before we get to that old school tie stuff.

        1. Listrade

          Honestly though, if any representative group had described grooming as reckless for a male teacher, there would be a lot of criticism ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

          But we may disagree on the sentencing issue. The implication is that women get a punishment pass or get benefit of custody based on being women. The implication is that it is the fault of the woman and that it is oppression of the male. But, look at who imposed the sentence “Martin Nolan”. Look at the make-up of the judiciary: 70% male in District Court, 80% male in High Court.

          That leniency, that benefit of custody? It’s men who are giving that. Sexism in prosecutions and courts exist, but it comes from male judges.

          Anyway, well done RCC and it’s representation of victims. Well. Fookin. Done.

      2. bisted

        …when I was a 16yo Christian brother pupil the notion of being showered with gifts and ultimately seduced by a young female teacher would not have happened even in the most feverish unrealistic fantasy…being brutalised and even raped by a male teacher was sadly all too real…

        1. Pip

          Well said bisted. Also Joe, martco and Listrade.
          Hell, speaking of fantasy, is nobody thinking how nice (though ‘wrong’) it might have been. Seriously? We hear endlessly of male desire, power and the abuse of same.
          Not much about female desire and power. Which is all too real fergawdsake.
          Or is that just too un-PC…

          1. :-Joe

            Sure, sexual desire and fantasy is always an interesting subject. Half of all media is built and fueled on it along with violence after all.

            Nice? If it was mutual desire or fantasy between them or the two of them were in “love” with each other(As an abstract concept, whatever that means to anyone is up for debate) and they both were fully aware of what they were doing then we’re into a totally different moral and legal dilemma.. and although that scenario is more common than people want to admit, I don’t think that is the case here at all.

            A selfish, stupid, naive, over-sexualised eejit abused her position of power and the victim found out the hard way that not all women are good, honest, intelligent and trustworthy regardless of the age difference, fantasies and desires.

            1 year 2 suspended seems reasonable and I’m still not sure if I’m giving her the benefit of doubt in terms of intentional grooming but hey, that’s the age-old double standard, your honour!


          2. kellyma

            I tend to agree. Sexual desire and how sex is viewed is generally quite different from a male or female viewpoint and so the impact can be argued to be less damaging depending on. HOWEVER, the important point here is that an adult teacher had sexual relations with a minor child. The abuse of power and trust and the unquestionably inappropriate behaviour is what is relevant here. What gender either were and what their sexual preference was is really irrelevant and the punishment should fit the crime in that respect.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Mr. Photoshoot making a buffoon of himself once again. Notice how he now tries to recreate the buffoonery of The english PM. The chameleon teeshok. The clown teeshok.

    Meanwhile Waterford hospital once again hits the headlines. Where’s Groucho and his scanner?
    Meanwhile the homeless figures increase yet again and homeless shelters are at capacity.
    And the gom then comes out with the ‘full support’ line for ‘anyone who is on the FG ticket’.

      1. :-Joe

        I couldn’t resist…

        Same as ever, vote for a local independent candidate and avoid the well trodden path off the edge of the cliff by the self-immolating majority of brainwashed 60%-ish previous voters and their tribalised binary choice of one half or the other of the F-f/g illusion of democracy party.


      2. GiggidyGoo

        As much as i can. I already have people in work discussing the current climate – people who haven’t had any interest in politics up to now who are now reading all sorts of diversified views, and who now are looking closely at that’s happening here. Especially when I point out how it affects their well-being, lack of wealth etc.I’ll also have my car emblazoned with anything that will draw attention to the crookery of FFG.
        And of course They’ll not get any voting support from me.

    1. :-Joe

      Eh, I hope you’re not implying that I am part of any wing?..

      Especially not the morally conservative extreme so-called “right” side of the coin.


    1. :-Joe

      Isn’t Ireland taking it’s que’s on this from the uk, us and eu anyway.

      Shame, I thought Kevin from Home Alone(If his parents emigrated to France to get away from him) had promised an amnesty for immigrants if he got elected along with continueing his new role as prime blue-chip invester, chief medical specialist and head of architecture for new builds in the NHS..

      …when he is not fighting for the rights of journalists, publishers and whistleblowers like JULIAN ASSANGE(Anyone remember that poor unfortunate fellow?), in his spare time obviously.


      1. some old queen

        Well maybe some journalist would get their act together and do a similar story about the system here- there is so much wrong with it- nobody should be that sort of limbo for years. It is a complicated subject which for the most part is shrouded in secrecy.

        And then you have the far right attempting to manipulate genuine community fears and grievances and the left screaming racism at every chance- the goal of both being to prevent any reasoned debate on the subject..

        1. :-Joe

          Ye, exposing the truth is always a good thing but it’s pretty well understood that the whole problem is by design and not some accidental accumilation of clerical errors or mismanagment by incompetant F-f/g policy makers. A lot of people are getting rich from running these internment camps.

          People are happy to go along with it because they are essentially racist in the belief that it acts as a deterrant from “swarms” and “hoardes” of “isis muslims” etc. et. who want to “rape us all” and our “way of life” is under threat etc .etc. It’s all bs and it’s bad for ye…

          Journalism itself is in crisis and under attack from all angles… E.g. it’s not very hard to clearly see that even a once respectable pioneer of the free press “The Guardian” is over-run with the political agenda of british state institutions and security services even blatently allowing people from the military, clearly with an extreme bias of propaganda, to write opinion pieces. As in the case of Julian Assange an australian national and Publisher/Journalist being smeared in a show trial in britain to bring about an illegal extradition to the US. Totally insane and nobody is even talking about it, the biggest news scoop in three decades.

          All mainstream media from RTE, BBC and all the main corporate ‘murican big five news channel networks and the overwhelming majority of all the various newspapers represent either the political state agenda and/or the various agendas and interests of lobby groups on behalf of global finance and corporate interests, nottomention all the same problems and worse in other countries not having english as their first language.

          If you want journalism nowadays you need to go looking for smaller independant organisations, often even just single individuals to rely on who are specialists in their field.
          Unfortunately for most people, they are getting beaten down so much in daily life they don’t have the time to become a media analyst and decode the web of lies and poisoned propaganda all around them. Who could really blame the majority for not being informed. If you’re getting your information from one trusted source in the mainstream you’re most likely deluded and being dumbed down and atomised into a tribal state in one way or another the longer it continues.

          Apart from a few exceptions within the malaise, a whole new media system needs to be created that circumvents the likes of rte, newstalk, tabloids, irish times etc. to give people an alternative to this facederp, instafame corporate commodification and stupification that is slowly eating the breakfast, lunch and dinner of all the old media platforms mentioned before anyway.

          Start something or help someone else start something new and useful asap..

          Broadsheet could be the new future Irish Times and trustworthy public record… and already is / should be IMO…

          I’ve probably waffle’d on or ‘splained too much but I hope you get my drift …


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