The Can Opener Bridge


Behold: the Norfolk Southern–Gregson Street Overpass in Durham, North Carolina — aka the 11 Foot 8 Bridge, aka ‘The Can Opener’.

For eleven years, this low span has been tearing the tops off trucks despite light sensors and clear signage warning the drivers of tall vehicles. The carnage has been such that the bridge has long since been fitted with a camera, generating an endless stream of impact videos

Due to an unground sewage line, the road can’t be lowered but the local authority has now finally agreed to raise the bridge height by eight inches, thereby ending an era.



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6 thoughts on “The Can Opener Bridge

  1. paul

    could be a real money spinner if the company/driver have to pay for the repairs and reinforcement and a fine. Call it a payment in lieu of responsibility.

  2. Murtles

    I enjoy these videos but always remain shocked at the amount of drivers that do not know their trucks height. It’s the most important thing to know when you sit in the drivers seat, that and is it to the brim with diesel.

  3. Rob_G

    Why don’t they just put up gantries on each side with like plastic barrels or something hanging down at the same height as the bridge; the top of the trucks hit them instead of the bridge, it makes a racket, they stop before they hit the bridge – there you go, now.

    1. paul

      they do this in France. It’s very effective and absolutely f*cks up trucks without them damaging the local infrastructure.

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