What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?


Last Thursday.

Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

The Exchequer – one of the first gastropubs to open in Dublin – celebrated its 10th birthday with a bash in aid of the Peter McVerry Trust.

Ten years. In fairness.

From top: Lucas and Adriana Xavier; Darragh Mcloughlin and Ciaran O Callaghan; Micheal O Flaherty and Karl Flood; Deirdre Claffey, Sinead Dodd, Ciara Moran and Anna O Brien; Aidan McNally. Ross Holden and Chris Hayes; Shahab Coohe and Matthew Breen; Lauren Bailie and Jason Dobson; and The Exchequer boss,  Peter Rock.

Pics: Karen Morgan

11 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?

  1. Dhod

    I pop into their Ranelagh bar the odd time for a quiet drink. it’s a lovely bar bit my god, the staff are awful. It’s like they go out of their way to avoid you – even when it’s quiet. Twice I’ve been served by drink staff. The only one that seems to have any urgency about him is that Peter fella in the picture but he’s rarely there

  2. V

    t’was a while back now
    I was still teaching at the time, so maybe around 2012 ish
    anyway, I was in there and couldn’t believe when they offered me a bottle of some IPA is a fada in the name instead of the Smithwicks I ordered

  3. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    Mobile phones are really ruining the shape of men’s trousers.

    And anyone in a dickie bow is a sap or a try hard, maybe even both

    1. missred

      Yer man on the left in pic 5’s navy jumper is giving me the horrors. It looks like it’s from a trendy shop, but he makes it look like it was knitted by his mammy before he hit puberty

        1. missred

          That’s him yeah, the seams of it appear to be cutting under his armpits.
          But you’re right, that pink with the chinos is an abomination

  4. Joxer

    What happened to getting dressed up to go out? the hack of those lads… The ‘ah sure, i’m grand’ generation …. bunch of hobo’s!

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