20 thoughts on “Thursday’s Papers

  1. Hank

    So admirable how The Sun always manage to get that difficult balance between publishing the hard-hitting facts and being a heartless, scummy rag just right.

    1. Rois

      Unbelievable! There’s no denying the conduct of *sports star* has been abhorrent but a mention in an article about Ana Kregiel is a serious stretch.

    1. Charlie

      They’re only starting. It’s box office stuff and they’ll sensationalize every last ounce. In time you’ll see the major documentary and then the movie.

    1. V

      Dee Forbes is their sacrifical lamb

      Don’t get caught up in that spin

      Otherwise you’re letting them off to carry-on as before with a new DG

      Don’t bite


  2. Lilly

    Heather Humphreys: ‘Some people in RTE earning more than the British PM and President of America… need to reform business model.’

  3. martco

    “the broadcaster blamed high rates of TV licence fee evasion as one of the reasons it had to make the deep cuts”

    I can think of about 495,000 other reasons


    now THAT’s entertainment

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