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  1. Cú Chulainn

    I feel like I left the party to grab something in the shops and when I returned everyone was gone. That’s what this is like.

  2. martco

    hm. seems like they’ve succeeded in keeping the St Vincent’s story off the front pages today. according to Peter Boylan:

    “The archbishop has been quoted in the Irish Catholic as saying the Sisters of Charity have to get permission from the Vatican to alienate the land – that is to transfer ownership of the land and the buildings into a secular structure”

    what the hell does that mean? some sort of canon law nonsense? who legally (proper law) owns this land??

    1. V

      Probably some type of “Consent of Sale” being required from the Pope

      They’ll try anything to keep their assets and cash to themselves

      Some act of contrition huh?

      CAB should have gone in there years ago and siezed the lot
      IMO anyway

      The biggest criminal gang in the State are making every buck they hand over to us a plimgrimage in itself

        1. V

          That doesn’t mean I can’t call them a Criminal Organisation
          Nor the Vatican HQ, the oldest and most successful Globalist organisation in the world

  3. GiggidyGoo

    First it was FGs Charlie Flanagan engaging a specialist in hate speech, now we find FFs Lorraine Clifford Lee is a bit of an racist. https://mobile.twitter.com/AllPassingThing/status/1193285409289199616?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1193285409289199616&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2F2%2Ftwitter.min.html%231193285409289199616
    I wonder will there be a march to show her how much of a racist she is?
    Isn’t she and Gemma O Doherty running in the Fingal election area. Interesting.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            The writing of them was ‘twittering’ as you call it. But as you seem incapable of debate otherwise, work away. Make sure you have your essays done for teacher by tomorrow though.

          2. Ghost of Yep

            I know how sensitive you get when people assume your opinion so I’ll ask why you think these are racist? You have the floor. Debate.

            I don’t homework on the weekends, silly.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            So, don’t assume. ‘Race as a descriptor is not racist’ And ‘Still not racist’ and ‘twittering’ seem to be the height of your debating skills.

            Description in one of her tweets is of a ‘Black Brazilian Dwarf’ Racist in my book.

            Over to you

          4. Ghost of Yep

            Slightly but importantly out of context there Gigs. “Ginger” is the punchy part. A black person with ginger hair is a real rarity. It tops off a list of common descriptions that could each be used for many different people. Exceptional when all applying to just one I’m sure you would agree….and on a bus! Hilarious.

            Dwarf? Fairly insensitive (I think?). Nothing you could consider racist How is it you feel the use of black in this context is derogatory?

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Nice try – but failure. All descriptions together paint the correct picture. She must, of course, have interviewed the person to find out where he was from.
            Once you read her other tweets, you’ll understand where she’s coming from. Racist, and another candidate for Hate Speech of the year.
            (glad to hear you got your homework done before the weekend)

          6. Ghost of Yep

            Now I don’t want to assume she spoke to this person but it is possible, yes? Even if she did assume…not racist is it.

            We both know assuming can be counterproductive so I’ll be charitable and say you used “he” because you just continued to paint what she had already started in this attempt at a humorous tweet.

            I’ve read the other tweets. Could you point out what you consider racist? I think she hates the Polish guy on the radio. Is there a follow up tweet where she explains because he is Polish? That would be super xenophobic.

            Also, I meant I don’t GET homework on the weekends. Odd how the absence of a word can change meaning.

          7. f_lawless

            yep she’s not saying “we had a great chat, it was great fun” – she’s being condescending towards the person; in her mind ridiculing them because they’re “black”, “Brazilian”, “a dwarf with ginger hair”. I’d say there’s an air of racism, xenophobia, ableism to her tweet

          8. GiggidyGoo

            You assumed that I meant all of her other posts alluded to racism? Sometimes you have to understand the written word, rather than just read it.
            You eloquently wrote earlier ‘Slightly but importantly out of context there Gigs.‘, yet you chose to take each word, separately, out of context yourself when you attempted to discredit my post. Sauce for the goose and all that.
            Have you actually read the rest of her tweets? The one referring to ‘Nigerian’ for example? The one she wrote about the church?
            Apologists will apologize I suppose.
            Once she introduces references to colour of random people she sees fit to comment on into her twitter feed in order to garner support for her political ends, that’s racism. Pure and simple.

          9. Ghost of Yep

            “An air of” can be used to negatively portray any statement you like and is being incredibly uncharitable because of who she is and not what she said.

            If you overheard what she said to friends in a pub you wouldn’t try and lightly baste her with those labels. You would more than likely think “what an interesting bus trip”.

            You’re reading it as condescending when it could equally be read as surprise at one person having all those characteristics.

          10. Ghost of Yep

            If she had said white instead of black. Is it still racist? It would have still been odd to see meet someone like that but Brazilian would have been the stand out and ginger not so much.

            I’m not apologising. I’m just not condemning because maybe my views are more aligned with a different person and will take the opportunity to denounce their opponents for their political gain. Just spitballing here.

          11. f_lawless

            “If you overheard what she said to friends in a pub you wouldn’t try and lightly baste her with those labels. You would more than likely think “what an interesting bus trip”.”

            I don’t know, it might depend on what the wider context of the conversation, tone of voice, etc. But apart from that, she’s written on a public forum with her blue-ticked account in her capacity as a public servant. It’s not an intimate conversation between friends where everyone already knows the other is of good moral character. That’s a key point – her tweet can quite easily be interpreted by those in society with racist/ bigoted tendencies as a public official implicitly condoning their similarly held views. You prefer to give her the benefit of the doubt and say maybe she’s just racially/ culturally insensitive rather than outright racist etc but I’m not so sure

          12. Ghost of Yep

            Tone and context are essential in probably judging intent. I’m not 100% sure she is not racist because those things are not available to us in a tweet.

            To form an opinion you have to edge to one side or the other. I’m edging away from the side that think she knowingly tweeted racist material on her blue checked account and was instead what you outline above.

            I think the use of the other tweets as some sort of confirmation that that specific tweet is racist is nonsense and only highlights what this is.

          13. Ghost of Yep

            Probably because she’s running in an election. Why do you think she claims a smear campaign, gigs?

    1. V

      So that’s what you’re here and who you’re at it for GG

      Ta for the @allpassingthing Professor Honkleberg for blocking tip off
      It’s quick dash thru there just now was a vile experience

      I can actually update ye directly from inside the Reilly FG team
      And the News at tea time last evening from the Fingal Blueshirts is that Senator Clifford Lee will take the seat
      With a strong margin
      And her leap ahead from 2016 polls is being particularly attributed to her highly visible – door to door day in day out, for the Repeal campaign.
      And she maintains a busy enough constituency office in Balbriggan
      She is also the most likely recipient of the Anti Alan Farrel vote (11.something in GE16)

      She might even be the youngest in the race
      And she definitely lives there
      Unlike a number of the other candidates
      She can also conduct interviews and debates as gaelige with the same fluency and dialect as an Ní Riada

      The polling update regarding the Independent candidate that you name above was not so pretty btw
      But it mightn’t look so bad in the Final tally as they’re not expecting anything close to even a fifty thousand turnout

      Independents have a terrible record that constituency anyway
      The three non affiliated Indos last time barely broke 2% of the total poll between them
      Mind you there might be some leggie up from the 2,000ish Renua voters there

      But all this could be useless campaign info if Brendan Ogle enters the race
      And the Blueshirts reckon he is still a worry

      It’s s gift for Brendan Ogle imo and the writs were only last week
      So watch this space folks

      1. GiggidyGoo

        V. You’re in the habit of labelling people. You were called out by me in the past, and once again by Clampers yesterday.
        You see, V, you’re given a link to a place where this ones vile and hate-filled remarks are highlited. And rather than being willing to see her for what she is, you do an ostrich on it and bury your head in a long bake-off type reply. What was that newspaper tag – Something about opening your mind?
        I don’t disagree with what you say about polls etc. When were they taken? Before this came to light?
        But, somehow we are meant to look on her positively because she….
        Might be the youngest in the race (nice choice of word)
        Definitely lives there – I’m sure all types live there.
        Can also conduct her interviews as Gaeilge. So can many folk.

      2. V

        Whatever gets you off GG

        It’s good campaign info
        And it’s as fresh as the FG full canvas yesterday afternoon
        And ye’re getting it for free

        Choose to attack it if ye like, other candidate’s/ campaign teams won’t. I’ve already shared it with an @FF known election machine who immediately shared with me that they are ****ing themselves at National Exec level that Brendan Ogle might dive in.

        I trust the voter anyway

        Maybe get out on the canvass instead of scowling on line lads

        Door to door grind, finding where your votes are, and meeting who they are
        And promising / delivering outcomes for constituents/ voters
        And get know those 15,523 ProLifers and get them out on the canvass with ye to find the extra 10,000 ye need
        This is actually how you win elections in Ireland
        Not online negative campaigning and targeting

        In the spirit of Democracy, and in tribute to one of the things I’m very proud of in Ireland; our elections

        Here’s another freebie for the Patriots campaign

        Fingal ramped home a massive 77’ish Tá not 18 months ago
        So I’d say most of them are still alive
        If ye can get those 15,523 pro lifers to vote ACI/ NP it’ll be a decent enough start

        Say the turnout is 50k
        Valid poll say 48k

        That makes a quota of 24,000 plus 1
        So find 10,000 more
        Just to make sure of it like

        Ye’re welcome

        1. some old queen

          Herself know this V, that she hasn’t a snowballs chance in hell but no matter how many or little vote in that direction- it will be claimed as a victory and an exercise in profile raising.

          The problem is, if migrants keep arriving and not returned, and I intentionally use the word migrants rather than asylum seeker, a saturation point will be reached and at this point- their goal to encourage such.

        2. V

          I’ve no interest in the issues or the manifestos of any of the candidates, or their party affiliations or none

          I’m only interested in the numbers

          That’s not to say I’m ambivalent to matters cropping up on the doorsteps, the media or on Twitter etc
          Or what effects our society or what has the capacity to impact
          It’s all feedback that enhances predictions

          In the main, I prefer to be allowed make independent observations and form my own independent opinions.

          1. some old queen

            I was posting a comment not goading you into a response btw.

            Islam is no more compatible with Irish society than it was with British, French or German. Islam does not integrate, it colonises- am I Islamophobic?

            Too bloody right I am.

      3. GiggidyGoo

        Work away V. You’re the one going the attacking, so if you get it back then tough. With comments like ‘whatever gets you off’ you’re only letting yourself down.
        Why would you be passing ‘information’ to The Patriots? Why mention it in an answer to me? Oh, I get it – you’re assuming once again.
        Bit problem for supposed educated posters here is the unwillingness to look at both sides of the coin. Worse still is relying on biased ‘polls’.

        But I digress. You almost waylaid me. Any thoughts on what this pillar of society is writing on her twitter?

        1. V

          Not assuming anything GG

          Just posting in the full knowledge that it’s not just you that reads my posts

          The only poll that really matters is from the Returning Officer
          And let’s see how biased the FG opinion that FF’s candidate will secure the vacant seat is then

          Conditional of course, which is noted by both FG and FF, and myself, that Brendan Ogle doesn’t throw his own hat in.

          In the interests of disclosure and transparency, I’ll declare a bias here now for you. And to all readers.

          My own personal politics will be well served to the point delighted if he does

          Incidentally, and especially when it comes to elections, I pay more attention to what’s happening on the doorsteps and on the canvas, (and on previous results) that twitter

        2. GiggidyGoo

          So, if you’re not ‘assuming’ anything, why don’t you have the courage of your convictions and say exactly what you mean? Without waffle? Any reason why you won’t?

          And you conveniently dodge my question (which is directly relevant to this thread). Any thoughts on what this pillar of society is writing on her twitter?

          1. Ghost of Yep

            Do you think G O’Doherty comments about the Lidl adverts were racist? Sorry to jump in but I think you forget to reply. I’m just trying to figure out why we view the tweet we’ve been discussing so differently.

          2. V

            Don’t take this personally GG
            I don’t read your posts in their entirety
            If at all

            So it’s highly likely you’re asking questions to yourself
            If you’re referring to the above about what I think about Senator Clifford Lee’s twitter I couldn’t answer you
            As @vanessa_foran doesn’t folly
            Admittedly she and her husband have been @frillykeane followers of long standing, but as twitter will demonstrate, that account is can claim dormancy.
            For some reason contacts still insist on using it for DMs

            As for waffle and saying exactly what I mean

            I think I was reasonably explicit without identifying names addresses etc of the actual sources of that internal campaign information

            For anyone who knows where and what I was at all day yesterday, and who I was sitting next to, they’ll recognise the top tier O’Reilly’ist FGer.
            The view that FF will take the seat in Fingal is directly from FG professional campaign operatives and it was direct from a full canvass yesterday

            This is confirmed by FF
            As is the health warning that the entry of Brendan Ogle onto the ballot will put them all on all bets are off
            A gain for FF in Fingal is also confirmed by the recent edition of Phoenix

            Local campaigns and campaigners share information all the time
            How do you think tallies work and are collated with such accuracy

            Go to a count centre and see for yourself

            In the meantime Senator Clifford Lee is poised to win the by-election as a result of her work in the Constituency, her leg work behind that 77’ish Tá vote and that she didn’t have too shabby a result in GE16.

            Not what she does on social media

            Let’s see what the Returning Officer comes back with before deciding who is right and who is wrong

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Yep, Ghost of Yep. I think they were racist. But this thread isn’t actually about her per se is it?

          4. italia'90

            V, what credit are you giving her for which referendum?

            I’ve no idea who she is

            As a Fingal resident, I didn’t see one FF canvasser here in Swords during either,

            and they are here in my area knocking doors for every other election?

            I’ll be holding my nose when voting in the upcoming by-election it would appear

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Im not taking anything personally V. You may attempt to try turn my posts back on me, but it is yourself that is shown up. But you seem to have a habit of throwing assumptions and veiled accusations about, then when called out run away. Your use of italics is great isn’t it?
            You know, I and I’m sure others here aren’t interested in your ‘It’s all about me’ postings, or your political affiliations, or your heroism attending this that and the other. Who cares? Not me for one. What I do care about is mainstream politicians and their ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitudes. If you want to identify with that, well bully for you.
            In the meantime, as the thread is on a particular wannabe, you still duck, dodge, evade answering a very simple question. That says oodles. What exactly are you afraid of in answering a straight question? You know, you’ve taken the time, as you’ve indicated yourself, to read the link I’ve posted and you then try the ‘I don’t follow’ excuse and go off into more ‘It’s all about me’ ramblings. Will that be the height of your contributions to Brendan Ogle’s campaign?

          6. V

            Why what exactly? @Holdme btw

            Where I was yesterday and the company I was with is no secret to anyone involved in the Credit Union Movement or taking an active interest in it.

            Regarding elections
            I have no clue where or when my interest triggered

            But I love elections, particularly the count process in Ireland
            And as it turns out I’m fairly handy at reading numbers, and formulating predictions based on a combination of extrapolation and local feedback – from all, every and any source. Although gut instinct gets in there as well

            Typically I’m more into the numbers, the tallies and the counts rather than the personalities and the politics

            Although it wasn’t obvious to most of ye at the time it was me that called the 36th amendment result “Broadsheet called it To a Tee three weeks out” as Kay Burley put it

            The Frilly Keane archive here and elsewhere will demonstrate same, I have a strong impulse to write on Democracy, Citizenship and matters affecting the Everyday Person, and to add to that, I actually do walk my talk.
            My involvement with the Cooperative movement for example.

            For the record I’ve no role at all with the Fingal By Election beyond general interest, joining in the chatter and having an opinion.

            It’s ultimate polling data however will be very interesting to me, particularly the transfer action. Everything seasoning the voter in Ireland at the moment is there – immigration, homeless and accomodation crisis, Health Care and a former Minister for Heath FFS, and it’s a constituency of a dodgy Compo claimer
            We should have great data for the next GE

            But in all fairness, the Constituency for a scrappy articulate Independent to make a real impact and give it a real lash is Dublin MW.
            That’s a free for all; and it would break my heart to see Gogarty get away with it
            Even of it’s only for six months

          7. GiggidyGoo

            ‘I, me, I, me, I….’
            ‘I have a strong impulse to write on Democracy, Citizenship and matters affecting the Everyday Person, and to add to that, I actually do walk my talk’
            You don’t do much walking your talk around here though V. Another long waffle-infested short story, and once again avoiding answering a straight question.
            I can only surmise that you have no problem with the content of her tweets.
            Quite simple question actually asked numerous times. Yet you avoid answering it. Hurler on the ditch.

          8. V

            GG I suspect you might have anger issues

            You keep referring to a straight question and me avoiding it

            From the lite scanning of your efforts here today
            I think you are asking me about a tweet

            I thought I made it clear I haven’t seen the Senator’s tweets

            And I’ve no intention of checking her account
            Or the accounts you like to share

            Good luck in the campaign
            Today was a great day for a canvas
            I hope ye made the most of it, promoting your candidate and introducing yerselves to the voters instead of knocking around the internet picking on other candidates

          9. GiggidyGoo

            V. You wrote that you visited the link and had a scan through. “Ta for the @allpassingthing Professor Honkleberg for blocking tip off
            It’s quick dash thru there just now was a vile experience”
            Therefore you saw the tweets.
            You’re full of it V.

          10. GiggidyGoo

            Noticeable by your absence of Monday’s comments there V. Maybe you’ve too many people to make assumptions (or otherwise) about now that it’s not just me bringing this to attention?

    2. Lilly

      If she mentioned a white, Irish giant with ginger hair, you wouldn’t give it a second thought. You might think her a little immature, but certainly not racist.

  4. Bud Flanagan

    Remembrance Sunday.
    A day to remember and give heartfelt thanks to the incredibly brave 5,000 Irish volunteers who lost their lives in the 2nd World War.
    Thank you lads.
    Rest in peace.

    1. bisted

      …imagine…giving up you life in the fight against facism to have remembrance ceremonies hijacked by a new generation of facists and bigots…

  5. some old queen

    Interesting interview with Doulas Murray about his new book – The Madness of Crowds: Race, Gender and Identity. Doulas is gay himself and is asking why the Trans movement is so virulent. He predicts a backlash against all LGBT which backs up my other readings on the subject. LGBT appears to be splintering- a push back against stonewall in Britain is beginning and a new group called LGB Alliance has been formed.


    Doulas also is very critical of the EU migration policy of course.

    1. some old queen

      A parody ‘woke’ account on the subject is by someone called Jarvis Dupont who claims to be a rich white guy with a beard who decides to identify as a lesbian trans woman. He then threatens to call the police and have them locked up because they won’t sleep with him/her because he/her has a penis- and a beard.


      https://twitter.com/JarvisDupont – Some of the comments on that thread are hilarious.

  6. V

    As long as everyone keeps thinking it’s just Financial Failure in RTÉ

    It’ll never get sorted out

    It’s another HSE

    But if that’s what Main Steam and Government and ye want to see
    Fair enough
    Just keep looking at the payroll / and payments to creditors lines


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