10 thoughts on ““A Huge Thanks In Advance”

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    I’m still aghast in that I thought WWN was an at-home hobby, and that other sources were keeping ‘the lights on’. With all that litigation and death threats, I’d wrap it up if I were them/him/her.

  2. Kim Cardassian

    I love WWN so will definitely be supporting them.

    But as a side note, we are rapidly moving toward a critical mass with media pushing for subscription for access which will eventually reach a tipping point. While I would gladly support WWN for the entertainment it brings, looking at real news publications, consumers are being pushed to make preferential choices, which with the declining sales of print media can only do more harm to news sites than good.

    Maybe someone can come up with a Netflix model for news and even news houses offer a daily access or something similar for casual readers.

    1. Robert

      There are a few initiatives in this area already … Mozilla have something in the incubation stage, I believe this might also be a feature of the “Brave” browser and Google/Apple have their own offerings in this space. First problem with these is that none of them work very well. Second thing you’ve got to ask is how do you get content providers to sign up. For some reason, perhaps advertising related, or maybe that their key metric is “Circulation” they prefer to have an all or nothing relationship with their subscribers.

      I think the Guardian’s approach of showing you the begging bowl every now and again is positive, and I hope it is working out for them financially!

  3. tomm

    Their stuff is dire and I can’t stand they way they present themselves as these outrageous provacteurs.

    1. V

      I think that’s unfair
      They are genuinely creative and exploit satire to its best potential
      And they’re great writers, who have a genuine gift of getting the punch in in less than 100 words
      And like meself, they aren’t a bit afraid of where they’re from
      (Unlike Up de Deise who you couldn’t say a word ta without one of ’em going full Mullane on your a55)
      And they use words
      Not Cartoonists
      Which is a lot a harder a punch that particular punch

      The problem is not the Deise lads
      It’s everyone else
      The royal we btw
      Have no tolerance or confidence for deep satire

      Shur’ look at the reaction to Bunty last year

      We’re the greatest at finding the funny side to everything

      But proper quality 180° Satire
      We – royal we remember
      Can’t cope with it – we take it too personally to recognise the actual grift

      That’s why we can’t have nice things

      And before ask
      No I won’t be subscribing
      That would be like asking me to sub the Meath supporters club
      Besides why would I pay the Blah biys for what I’m handy enough at meself

      1. V

        Ah sugar

        That Which is a lot a harder a punch that particular punch
        Should read
        Which is a lot a harder a punch to land

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