This afternoon.


This afternoon.

Comments by Independent TD Noel Grealish have been branded as “racist” after he told the Dáil that €10 billion has been sent abroad over the last eight years.

The Galway West TD told the Dáil that the money has been sent to countries such as Poland, Nigeria, the UK and France.

He asked if Revenue or the Department of Finance had anyway of tracking where this money was coming from.

Amid palpable tension in the Dáil chamber, Solidarity-PBP TD Ruth Coppinger said the question was an example of disgraceful racism.

Grealish comments branded ‘racist’ in Dáil over cash transfer claim (RTÉ)

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49 thoughts on “Cześć, Anna

  1. Rob_G

    All the Irish people in Cricklewood and the Bronx were great lads altogether sending money back to Ireland when we hadn’t a pot to pish in; heaven forfend that Pavel and the lads send any money back to their own mammies, fml…

  2. Stephen

    10 billion over last 8 years, thats €1,250,000,000 a year, to be fair thats an awful lot of money to be transferred.
    I don’t think there is anything wrong with Revenue (or potentially Gardai or CAB) looking into it to see where that money came from as there is a good chance a decent portion of it is coming from criminal means.
    There is nothing racist about it, its simply the fact that large amounts of money being transferred should be investigated.
    How many people would send money back home? 1 in 50?? at that rate it would be over 25k per person per year, thats a lot of money.
    Some of that money is definitely coming from criminal means so why shouldn’t it be investigated.
    People love jumping on the racist bandwagon over issues that are not racist.

  3. Dr.Fart

    ya can’t paint it any other way. he’s basically saying that money should be here. but what he doesn’t understand is that money wasn’t removed from anyone. it was generated by immigrants doing jobs that irish won’t do. some of it will be from drugs as well, but the people who bought the drugs for themselves would get them anyway. does he want drug money to go to irish drug dealers only? no. it doesnt matter. he’s just tryna hammer home his point that foreigners coming here is a bad thing. hes an idiot and no one should listen to him, and he shouldve been removed on the basis of his last outburst anyway.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Do Apple have a Nigerian base? Otherwise, based on the figures provided, all 17,000 Nigerians in Ireland – Man, woman and children are sending over 20k each per annum. The figures provided don’t seem to make any sense, but are used by racists as a stick to beat Nigerians with.

    1. some old queen

      How did they get here and how did they achieve Irish status >?<

      Homophobes can fluck back to whatever hole they came from.

    2. Rob_G

      I mean, just for the money within the EU thing:

      I had a one-off transfer of a small amount of money (less than €2k) transferred into an account in another EU country, and I had Revenue here on to me looking for their cut. So I would not be too worried about the EU money.

      The sheet volume of money going to Nigeria would make you think something sketchy is going on, though…

  5. Gabby

    There are unsettling nuances permeating regional Irish society today, among village and small town folk and among regional farming communities. Social and economic unease has been manifesting itself in several obscure and not so obscure parts of the country in recent times. Social unease in the regions needs to be taken seriously by Leinster-based decision takers.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Are Polish a race?
    Are French a race?
    Are English a race?
    Are Nigerians race?

    I think they’re nationalities.
    If that kind of money is exiting the State then without questioning the question needs to be asked and not auto-labelled as racist.

    1. some old queen

      How did they get here and how did they achieve Irish status >?<

      Since when did South Africa become a refugee war zone?

  7. charles Chawlke

    “umm, yeah, so all that money we send abroad, any chance we could, I dunno.. see where it’s being spent?”


  8. Zaccone

    How is it racist to ask for the state to investigate possibly large scale criminal financing?

    And also, yes, as GiggidyGoo touches on, most expats in Ireland are the same race as the natives. Which makes calling this racism even more ridiculous.

    Calling this “racism” is just kneejerk virtue signalling from Coppinger.

  9. V

    its definitely a display of profound ignorance by the Deputy

    AML/ CTF legislation has serious teeth now
    and the Central Bank are more that able to bite with them

    Its probably the most enforced and supervised set of regulations within organisations offering any form of financial services/ transactions

    Revenue are also direct reports from AML officers too
    So they aren’t left out either

    Ah here
    Giving this ape any more though it putting me off me tea

    1. GiggidyGoo

      So, V, point us in the direction to the answer to the question he actually asked which, as reported above was that “He asked if Revenue or the Department of Finance had anyway of tracking where this money was coming from.”

      1. V

        The Dept defer that activity to the Central Bank
        Here is an easy read

        Tax evasion has being an offence under AML legislation and enforcement for at least 15 years.

        In addition to it being a regulatory requirement to immediately report even a suspicion
        Anyone engaged at any level in a regulated financial institution has to complete annual AML/CTF CPDs

        Furthermore the role of AML officer is a highly regulated function
        Any further info might have me accused of “Tipping Off”
        A criminal offence btw

        In any case if you require further I suggest you engage someone to train you in

        If you’re accepting donations, receiving cash or holding/ taking charge of monies without ensuring the source of same is on the up and up
        Even in a charity or pretendy political party
        You are in breach of the legislation, legislation that now gets treated under Criminal Justice jurisdiction

        There is no excuse for a legislator to be that ignorant of the legislation around financial transactions
        I hope he doesn’t accept donations himself

        1. italia'90

          You know the aul trick for Irish politicians to wash dodgey donations thru “Race Nights”?
          10’s of €1000’s are raised this way and no tents needed ;)

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Unfortunately that does not answer the actual question “He asked if Revenue or the Department of Finance had anyway of tracking where this money was coming from.”
          The AML situation comes in after the launderer attempts to launder. However AML doesn’t deal with the actual question posed – where does the money originate from for instance, before it reaches the launderer? Can that be tracked?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            ((plus the link provided by you with Derville Rowland’s speech was very interesting for one made in Sept. of this year. Reading it carefully, it’s obvious that there is no real handle on money laundering. She says that there are such things as
            ‘our vision’
            ‘guidelines we are launching’ (this is Sept. 2019 by the way, and these are guidlines.
            ‘Our message to firms today is that they must adopt a risk-based approach’ In other words, they haven’t as yet. (sept 2019)
            ‘Firms should be asking questions like: Who are my customers? Who are the beneficial owners of the accounts they are opening? ’. In other words, they’re not (sept 2019)
            In fact, upon reading her speech, she has effectively stated that firms are not doing their job, and in turn the CB can’t be doing theirs, properly.
            So Grealish’s question isn’t answered in that link.))

          2. GiggidyGoo

            You know what V. Try to come on here with facts rather than your own, and now central bank waffle. You posted the above to try give the impression you knew the answer, but as usual….long-winded waffle doesn’t disguise an empty-of-detail post. No point coming on here as a ‘figures woman’ with financial acumen if you resort to posting a link to an article you obviously didn’t understand while reading it.
            None of what you’ve posted has answered the question he asked.
            Even your comment about ‘Here’s an easy to read…’ backfired, as you yourself, found it difficult to understand. But that was yet again another attempt at exiting the conversation. Usual form from you V.

          3. V

            I don’t answer to you Goo Goo

            And as a regulated entity myself I suggest you take your concerns about what I am legally required to be compliant with, and up to date on, with those same Regulators

            In the meantime, I’m led to believe by the Minister for Finance that Deputy Grealish is to be obliged to disclose the basis of his claims

            And if he, Deputy Grealish is aware of criminal financial transactions he should be obligated to report same. I fail to see where I am to be held to a far higher regulatory standard of Probity and Compliance, and be at risk of six figure sanctions that may also include imprisonment, than a member of our Dáil.

          4. GiggidyGoo

            I never heard such bull V. It seems that you have a distinct problem with understanding what’s written.
            If you bail in to a thread and put forward an argument then you can expect to be questioned on it.
            You’re ‘as a regulated entity myself’ has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. It’s another exit strategy from the discussion. It’s an attempted diversion, and it’s once again the ‘i, me, i, me’ V approach.

      2. Tea And Brexits

        Revenue are all over this like a rash. It’s like asking to prove where you got the money the next time you’re in SuperMacs.

  10. Zaccone

    Just checked some figures, apparently remittances are an average of more than €26,000 for each of the 17,642 Nigerian nationals in Ireland, including children (!)

    Thats an incredibly high figure all things considered. Unless every single Nigerian in Ireland is earning 80k+ any rational person would have to question whats going on given the size of that figure.

      1. italia'90

        Wasn’t this urban myth debunked on here before or did I read it somewhere else?

        iirc the €3billion included foreign aid, charity funding and personal funds from Africans who were not Nigerian but used the Abuja banks as they are the most trusted on the Gulf of Guinea?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          From the debate

          “Over the past 8 years alone over €10 billion has left this country by way of personal transfers, this is a staggering amount of money,” he said.

          “Personal” transfers. Not foreign aid or charity. “Personal”

          1. italia'90

            There may be other factors here that have not been considered by all the forensic accountants that have suddenly appeared on here and the Journal
            You should read them to see who the TD’s statement and obvious dog whistle was aimed at
            They are hilarious, frightening and sad at the same time

            We’re a tax haven too don’t forget and lots of money flows thru tax havens

            on a personal level, myself and my business partners regularly send money to Mongolia for a business venture that we have invested in over there, but none of us are Mongolian – we always use Western Union for reliabiity and convenience

            My missus sends money from here to Hungary that ends up in Ukraine, it’s just a convenience factor mainly and also she trusts Hungarian banks more than Ukrainian banks – the UA Lev is also very unstable

            If you have any evidence of financial worng doing, please report it to the relevant authorities
            I’m betting you have none

          2. Cian

            GG – you are using something a politician said as your source?

            Since when did you believe anything that a politician said?

  11. Tea And Brexits

    In fairness,them relatives abroad aren’t asking for anything Moya Doherty and RTE aren’t….

  12. Truth in the News

    Noel Grealish has exposed some unwelcome facts about the direction and
    policy of this Nation, we have been exporting our own, we deny work access
    to those of the Irish diaspora who fall foul the citizen criteria qualification and
    then complain to the US President about our illegals, the reality is that the rule
    that applies to those of Irish heritage who are excluded if they do not fall within
    the Foreign Births criteria, in other words if your parents or grandparents were
    not born in Ireland, you are excluded, so those who in future who want to
    claim Irish citizenship should have the same rules applicable to them, one only
    has to look at the criteria that many other countries apply in respect of

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      No many are complaining about the “undocumented” Irish, or illegal immigrants, in the US. Most younger people now refer to them as illegals.

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