Village Of Lights



Kildare Village, Greyabbey, Nurney Road, County Kildare.

Enchanted Lights.

Open to the public everyday (once it gets dark) from now until the end of January.

Kasia writes:

This Christmas, the luxury shopping destination Kildare Village has been transformed with a spectacular light show created by one of Ireland’s most pioneering creative production studios, Algorithm.

The never-seen-before experiential attraction, Enchanted Lights, takes guests on a m­agical journey through the Village, with five illuminated immersive experiences to enjoy.

In fairness.

Kildare Village

5 thoughts on “Village Of Lights

  1. Clampers Outside

    Happy Socks are cheaper in TK Maxx than they are in Kildare Village… just sayin’ like

    Looks nice that, but I’m sure I won’t be going again for another year :)

  2. Paulus

    Mmm, that’s nice:
    Now I just hope they don’t expect me to pay for it with inflated prices?

    Reminds me of the Newbridge Silverware place; do you know you can go there to look at a outfits that someone famous once wore. Jeez I can’t wait.
    (I think Gaybo used to voice an ad for them?)

    1. Cian

      Newbridge Silver has a place where you can “look at a outfits that someone famous once wore”. The technical term is a museum. There are lots of museums all over the world where you can old stuff that people once used.

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