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  1. some old queen

    A question for Philip Boucher-Hayes‏ @boucherhayes and RTÉ Prime @RTE_PrimeTime.

    Back of the envelope figures but how much carbon would a single individual living in somewhere like Dundalk while commuting to Dublin if they could afford to live IN Dublin?

      1. some old queen

        It’s just so friggen obvious- we are all going to die nonsense while ignoring the fact that outside of farming, the biggest single factor is crazy commute distances because people cannot afford to live in the same province let alone county as their work. Has anyone even ever calculated the health implications- physical AND mental- of sitting in a car or standing on an overcrowded train for four hours a day?

        And all this romantic bullpoo about rural buses when they can’t even provide decent services in the cities- rural people don’t sit idling in traffic for hours so why are they such a priority? Oh the farmers- we must encourage them to move from beef to forestry- ‘I’m just popping out now to do the morning check on the trees Brigid’- howz about incentivising them to grow the vegetables which we currently import eh? We should have a booming agri tech industry ffs- just look at Holland.

        There is a bang of blaming the small man or woman with all this stuff- of punching down- when in fact it is a systematic failure by the state to provide adequate housing stock and proper public transport links. Smug middle class virtue signalling like banning plastic straws and single use coffee cups is not going to make a blind bit of difference.

        Of course the whole thing is just preparing the public for a carbon tax which will increase year on year- rant over.

        1. Increasing Displacement


          Major tax on route
          Like that will solve anything
          Squandered inefficiently like the rest of our taxes

  2. garrett

    How much carbon is produced by the following travelling from RTE Hq to Garda HQ to stand outside and do a 30 second report? Well, 30 seconds of reporting and 3 minutes of eh eh eh eh eh
    1. reporter
    2. Camera operator
    3. Sound engineer
    4. Producer
    5. Lighting operator

    Multiply the above by say 10 a day.

    1. Rob_G

      I mean, you’re not wrong.

      How much carbon is generated by producing 3 mins of television, typically? Probably a lot more than driving a van from Donnybrook to the Phoenix Park

      (I don’t think that they send 5 people to shoot one of these, I think it’s two or three – so only one van)

  3. garrett

    On another note, legislation has been passed by the Oireachtas to give central bank the power to set mortgage interest rates. this is being blocked by Fine Gael.
    An “assessment” is now ongoing for almost 2 years.
    The legislation was opposed by the Central Bank, yep the same Central Bank that now says rates are too high.
    Corruption everywhere.

  4. martco

    this Noel Grealish thing seems a little screwy to me…manufacturing a narrative….what’s the play here really..he fairly comfortably made his seat last time out…what’s he scared of?

    1. V

      I’ll take a wander over his numbers later on today, although it might be tomorrow before I get back to you on it

    2. V

      Wasn’t all that difficult tbh Marto
      His seat is solid – he was the natural replacement for his then party colleague Bobby Molloy
      And his % has actually increased as an independent over the last two elections,
      It’s also worth adding that it is a constituency that has a strong tradition of returning sitting TDs

      So unless there is something stirring locally, his recent news-toppings are unlikely anything to do with electioneering

      which would suggest one or both

      – His genuine ideology and personally held views
      – He is seeking to raise his profile outside his own constituency, and in the interest of Bodger’s blood pressure I’ll leave ye to reason quietly as to why that might be

      1. martco

        maybe it’s a bit of both..
        just seems a bit almost corny to me flailing about with this Casey style nonsense unless there’s skin in it for him somehow

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