Boarding Up Bernard


This morning.

The Bernard Shaw, Richmond Street South, Dublin 2

‘Sauvignon Blanc’ writes:

End of an era…

Previously: The Shaw Shack Redemption


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23 thoughts on “Boarding Up Bernard

  1. Bort

    It was great to see all the social posts from everyone in there over the last 2 weeks who hadn’t set foot in the place for ten years. Great pub though

  2. m

    but good news is apartments and hotels being built means less homelessness.
    not as good a news story as – no mark artist loses cheap space

    1. Tea And Brexits

      Exactly the same people who frequented the Bernard Shaw will stay in those hotels and apartments – it will do nothing for the local community or homelessness.

      1. m

        why do you assume a bribe?
        is it beyond the realms of possibility that someone in DCC saw that between harcourt st and the canal was basically derelict and needed a better use of city centre space
        I’ve lived in the area years and dont like the changes, but housing crisis tops my nostalgia

        1. dhod

          both are achievable. there’s a huge amount of space behind and to both sides the pub. A plan could have been made to retain the old pub building and build on the surrounding land.

          1. m

            I love this place,

            everyone is outraged at homelessness, but no one wants any inconvenience to their lives to build

            loads of online outrage at lyric fm, no one wants licence fee increase

            outrage at raw sewerage pumped into dublin bay, boil water notices, but no one wants to pay water charges

          2. dhod

            do you not think that a massive amount of high density housing and retaining the 19th century building are achievable? the site stretches from Harcourt rd to charlemont at to South Richmond st

          3. some old queen

            Dear sweet Jayus- I know someone who is driving then taking a train then walking from Connolly to Harcourt Street- total 2.5 hours each way- with a certain ‘youthful’ consultancy firm- for €40K.

            Where to you ‘radicals’ get off with your privilege eh?

        2. Dr.Fart

          its not housing being built tho, m. its hotels and offices. it’s been reported in the times already that that whole area (shaw, up to bleeding horse, around the back and down to the canal, portobello inn, back up to the shaw, everywhere in the middle of that) is being earmarked to become the new financial and business district.

          1. Dr.Fart

            i don’t have a link im afraid. i don’t have the times app, it was in the paper. I’m pretty sure it was the editor who wrote it too. He was heralding it as a good thing. Like a financial district was going to make use of a run down dump for hippies. very depressing.

    1. Rob_G

      I think that there are loads of example of pubs in buildings of a similar age (or indeed much older) which are both more aesthetically pleasing and/or historically significant.

      I don’t think we should preserve every single (kind of) old building just on account that it’s old; the city would sprawl as far as Cavan if we were to take this position on every building within the canals.

      1. m

        100% agree, not every derelict building is worth keeping as its old

        I also think if there are more hotel rooms tourists are less likely to use AirBnB and that will put more property into the rental market

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