10 thoughts on “Define Crisis

  1. Col

    The article seems to imply that the headline should be “It’s Not JUST a Housing Crisis”.
    There is a shortage of housing supply, but also increasing homelessness, shortage of student accommodation, shortage of nursing home accommodation etc.
    Poor headline.

    1. Cian

      Agreed. The headline in the paper copy is different that the online version (and the original paper version is badly worded).

      Paper copy: “No housing crisis, say property experts
      Online: “Ireland has an ‘accommodation crisis’, not a housing crisis

      …they both have a similar strapline “Report highlights multifaceted shortage in living accommodation

  2. Robert

    and this is why I gave up on the Irish Times. Quite apart from being a moany leftwing millenial snowflake, I also suffer this quaint notion that the news should be informative. The IT let me down too many times. Why would anybody pay a premium for such poor content?

  3. Iwerzon

    The Irish Times is number one in the property porn charts in Ireland – they can’t say anything that might draw attention to reality and the actual housing market – if it wasn’t for property the IT would go under.

  4. Gabby

    For people who make a living from property there is no housing or accommodation crisis, only an occasional market crisis. Nuts to Irish Times liberal social concern.

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